2 Important Reasons Why You Should Sell Products Directly From Your Website

\"\"All week long, we’ve been blogging about the benefits of having an online store. But, it can be argued that there will never be enough blogs to completely make clear how important it is for Canadian business owners to invest in e-commerce. As we pointed out in Monday’s blog, more Canadian retailers seem to be getting hip to the game these days. Turning their websites into online stores has helped them to grow their customer bases both within Canada and abroad.

In Wednesday’s blog, we highlighted the fact that selling products from your company website is a great way to turn your business into a 24/7 entity. Virtually keeping your doors open right around the clock easily enables you to welcome more customers to your customer base. Not to mention, your online store helps you to attract consumers from all over the world.

Still not convinced that you should be selling products directly from your website? Let’s explore a couple of important reasons why you should seriously consider it:

1. Customers place a lot of trust in product reviews. Product reviews and online shopping go hand-in-hand. Many consumers base their buying decisions off of what other customers have said about the products they’ve purchased. Online product reviews are no regular forms of advertising. People see them as genuine remarks about the items that businesses have for sale. If your products have good reviews, you’ll be able to endear your brand to a whole new world of online shoppers.

The power of the product review is something that Sophie Hewson of U.K.-based, Twist Interactive Design lists as a top reason to sell products online. “Lots of people buy online because they like to see how other people rate products before they buy them,” she declares, “Having an online shop can enable you to encourage these reviews in a way that just wouldn’t be possible in a physical shop.”

2. An online store can grow your brand’s reputation. If you’re looking to heighten your brand’s image, there are far worse things you can do than to open an online store. By today’s standards, consumers practically expect to be able to make online purchases from their favourite stores. When certain stores don’t allow for that convenience, many consumers get turned away. Simply put, selling your products online makes for better impressions of your brand.

Hewson notes that the big-time convenience that is provided by online shopping helps for your business to look like a winner. However, by not providing that convenience, you give the opposite impression. “With more people choosing to do their shopping through their smartphones and their computers, it can look odd to customers if you don’t have an online shop,” she writes, “This could have a negative effect on your brand.”

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