3 Advantages Of Going The Wireless Way


It’s a wireless world, people. It should come as no surprise to you to hear that most of the electronic gadgets we use today require no wires. We’re talking tablets, smartphones, handheld gaming systems – you name it! Today, plugs are predominantly used to charge batteries. You’d be hard pressed to find an individual using a modern gadget that still needs to be plugged into the wall.

That goes for POS terminals too. Although there are a variety of countertop models that still utilize the age-old electrical socket in order to function, wireless point-of-sale terminals are all the rage. As you can imagine, they make life so much easier for both retailers and customers.

Here are three advantages of going the wireless way:

1. You can take your business on the road.

It’s an awesome time of year. The weather was warmed up and the sun is shining! That means that more consumers are coming out of their homes more than ever before. However, it also means that a long line up of summer festivals is about to begin. Taking your business on the road so that it can be represented where people like to enjoy themselves is a great way to boost sales. That is, of course, if you have a payment processor that can go on the road with you.

A wireless POS terminal allows you to process payments in multiple venues. Picnics, barbeques, live concerts, trade shows, sporting events, food trucks and customer homes – these are all locations where wireless processing can help you to maximize your sales.

2. You can significantly shorten wait times at the checkout.

As much as we live in a wireless society, we also live in a very impatient world. In many ways, the two go hand in hand. In the past, a trip to the library may have been necessary to locate pertinent information. These days, a five-second Google search on a smartphone can often give one the answers he/she needs. The point is that people aren’t used to waiting anymore. Waiting in line to pay for purchases, therefore, is an activity that many deem unnecessary.

With a wireless terminal, you can easily bring the point of sale to the customer instead of having the customer come to the point of sale. Imagine the great impressions you will make if you have members of your staff walking around your store with your wireless terminals informing customers of the following: “As soon as you’re ready to make your purchase, let me know. You can pay for it right here!”

3. You will separate your brand from its competitors.

These days, very few consumers walk around with cash on them anymore. Most use their credit cards and debit cards to make purchases. Therefore, being plastic-friendly is an expectation most shoppers have of the stores they visit. So what will make your store stand out from all of the others? The ability to pay wherever you stand!

At Canadian POS Corporation, we proudly offer the Verifone VX 680 as our wireless POS terminal option. It is an all-in-one mobile solution that efficiently and securely processes transactions anywhere. It supports a full range of payment types including, credit, debit and gift cards and is ready for acceptance of secure EMV “chip” cards.

For more information about how you can go wireless, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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