3 Big Time Benefits Of Using Wireless Terminals

\"dinnerSmart phones, tablets, laptops – these are all devices that are very commonly used these days. And they all have something in common. They’re wireless! Sure, they may have to be plugged in at some point. But that’s just to charge their batteries. In 2015, we live in a world were cords aren’t all that necessary. If you haven’t yet gone the wireless route, it may be fair to say that you’re a little “behind the times”.

Of course, this would depend on the type of device you’re using. Televisions still need to be plugged into the wall, don’t they? Well, what about other devices you use on a regular basis? Business owners come into contact with modern technology each and every day. How else can they accept credit card and debit card payments from their customers if they’re not using the best POS terminals in the industry?

But are they? If you accept credit and debit, you’re definitely doing something right. Plastic acceptance has been proven to increase sales and boost customer satisfaction overall. But are you using wireless terminals? POS machines have joined smart phones, tablets and laptops as some of the most popularly-used wireless devices today. And there are many reasons why. Let’s take a look at three of the biggest benefits that wireless POS terminals can give you.

1. Improved customer service. On their website, Visa notes that restaurants are among the biggest users of wireless terminals. And that makes sense, doesn’t it? Waiters are given the opportunity to bring the terminals directly to the customers at their tables. This fosters greater peace of mind in patrons as they no longer have to relinquish their cards so that they can be taken by the waiters to another location in the restaurant.

Who wouldn’t prefer that? Visa’s website notes that this vastly improves customer satisfaction. One of the main benefits of wireless terminals, the site points out is a “faster, more secure and more convenient checkout, and a heightened sense of security because the Visa card remains in sight of your guest. Research shows 80% of Canadian credit cardholders prefer the security that chip offers.”

2. Increased productivity. The quicker your checkout process is, the more customers you will be able to serve. This is true for any industry. But it’s especially important for restaurant owners. Consider the fact that restaurants only have so much space. Once their tables are filled, they cannot serve other patrons until seated customers finish their meals and are ready to go. When the bill is requested and a wireless terminal is used to pay it, the transaction process is incredibly fast.

It’s a one-step deal. Both the bill and the terminal usually arrive at the table at the same time. The customer punches in his or her PIN, and the server’s job is complete. As Visa.ca points out, another great benefit of wireless terminals is that “staff can service tables faster by processing card payment at the table”. In the past, a customer would have to give up the card and wait for the server to return to the table. It simply took a lot longer.

3. Enhanced protection against fraud. This is often heralded as the biggest benefit of accepting credit cards through wireless terminals. In our last blog, we pointed out how important it is for Canadian business owners to use POS terminals that accept chip card technology. For most Canadians, this is old news. However, it seems as if American merchants are only catching on. The point, of course, is that chip cards allow for greater security.

As we mentioned, it’s a lot harder to forge a PIN code than it is a signature. Wireless terminals, it needs to be mentioned, accept all chip cards. This helps merchants to protect themselves against fraud. “When a valid PIN is entered and accepted and the transaction is approved, you and your staff are no longer responsible for signature verification,” says Visa. To learn more about Canadian POS Corporation’s wireless terminals, give us a call at 1-877-748-2884 today!

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