3 Clever Ways To Deliver Gift Cards As Presents


Unfortunately, there are still many misnomers about gift cards. They’re impersonal. They’re lazy. They show that the gift-giver doesn’t care. These trains of thought remain popular amongst a number of consumers. However, they’re not all that accurate. The truth is that most people actually love receiving gift cards. And most people enjoy giving them. They make gift-giving easy, but they’re also more personal than you may assume.

If shoppers want their loved ones to truly enjoy the gifts they get, they’ll let those gift-receiving individuals choose the gifts for themselves. What’s wrong with that? The way we see it, gift cards aren’t lazy and impersonal – it’s all in how you deliver the gift that connotes true thoughtfulness. You don’t just have to stick a gift card in an envelope. There are several clever ways to deliver gift cards as presents.

Here are three:

1. Place them in reusable cloth gift bags.

When you offer your gift cards in a special package, the package itself becomes part of the gift. Cloth gift bags are great because they are reusable and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Using such a gift bag also shows the effort you wish to place in presenting a thoughtful gift to a loved one. It will help remove the whole “lazy” stigma that some people attach to gift card giving.

“Give your friend a gift card with a handmade touch by using a cloth gift bag,” suggests Gifts.com, “You can sew it together yourself to make it even more personal. Be sure to check out the complete walkthrough on Craft Snob, where she has all the measurements for sewing the cloth gift bag together. Once you have your bag, stuff it with treats, tissue paper or other goodies. To keep the gift card tidy, you can place it inside its own box!”

2. Create an origami gift card holder.

What is your gift recipient’s favourite animal? If you can create a version of that creature using the magic of origami, you will have manufactured an incomparable method of delivering a gift card. Here’s hoping you have someone in your life you loves owls! On MyOwlBarn.com, Leyla Torees offers a great tutorial on how to make an origami owl gift card holder.

3. Stick them in glitter dipped gift bags.

Young children love glitter. And many people find it difficult to buy gifts for young children because they’re afraid they won’t get what they like or know their exact sizes. The giving of a gift card to a young person is made all the more worthwhile when you can deliver it in a bag that makes them happy. How do you make a glitter dipped gift bag? Gifts.com explains.

“All you need is a brown paper bag, glue and glitter to get started!,” says the site, “To create this glitter gift bag, simply cover the area you want to decorate in glue and sprinkle it with the glitter of your choice. Once your bag has dried, fill it with shredded craft paper or tissue to stick with the festive theme. Then add the gift card to the bag for super easy DIY wrapping.”

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