3 Effective Ways To Promote Your Online Store

\"\"We’re still in the midst of the second busiest shopping season of the year. The back to school shopping season is one that sees students and parents from all over Canada scrambling through the malls in order to locate clothing, supplies and a host of other items that will prepare them for summer’s end. Hopefully, you’ve been able to take advantage of all of those extra shoppers.

Remember once school is in, the needs of consumers will continue. And your online store will play a huge role in how many sales you’re able to generate. The back to school season isn’t the only time of year when online shopping is popular. Of course, the end-of-year holiday season sees a huge spike in online sales. But remember that people love to shop online all year round!

Are you effectively promoting your online store? Here are three tips to help you:

1. Provide exclusive deals to your online shoppers.

A great way to boost online sales is to offer discounts that are only available online. That way, many of your customers will make the choice to order directly from your website instead of visiting your store. This isn’t to dissuade people from visiting you. It’s simply a tactic that will encourage regular visits to your company website.

“Nearly every ecommerce platform gives you the option to hold sales using a promotional code,” writes Stacey Brazen on BrazenProfitLab.com, “So make sure you are scheduling in your offers, deals and sales for key times in the year. But remember, when you use this strategy as a tool to promote your online store, it’s of critical importance that you’re aware of your numbers.”

2. Be very active on social media.

With students about to hit the classrooms, you can only imagine the spike in social media activity that will soon take place. Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are especially popular among millennials as they are used as primary sources for keeping in touch. Such social media accounts should also be used by your business to communicate the various sales you’re offering via your online store. It’s a great way to increase your site’s traffic.

“When used effectively, social media can produce major benefits for your business,” agrees Mark Hayes on Shopify.com, “According to a Smart Insights survey, more than half of companies that use social media marketing find that it increases revenue and sales. Beyond helping businesses boost online sales, social media marketing allows brands to have two-way interactions with consumers.”

3. Email your newsletter subscribers.

Taking the time and energy to build an email list is a smart idea, says Brazen, noting that you’re really losing out on “a bundle of untapped cash” if you’re not emailing the people on your list. Contact your subscribers on a regular basis to inform them of the various sales, discounts and new items you have available online. But be careful not to inundate your email recipients with overly heavy promo.

“Use this window of communication to share with your potential (and existing) customers other interesting information and news about your brand – and drive this traffic back to your site,” Brazen advises.

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