3 Great Ways To Say “Thanks” To Your Customers


In our last blog, we discussed the topic of giving thanks. Yes, we know that Thanksgiving is still many months away. But after celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday this past weekend, we realized just how fortunate we are to be Canadians. Okay, so we knew how great it was to be Canadian already…but, we couldn’t help but appreciate the fact that our many amazing clients all across Canada are a big part of what makes this country so great!

As providers of Countertop and Wireless POS terminals to a wide variety of business types, we know how important it is for Canadian business owners to be on the cutting edge of technology. We pride ourselves on offering services that keep them ahead of the curve. Of course, we’re also very thankful that so many entrepreneurs have given our company a chance to be their POS provider. As a result, we’d like to further extend our thanks.

In today’s blog, we’ll continue with the topic of gratefulness and offer up a few more ideas about how you can say “thanks” to your customers as well. Here are three:

1. Initiate a partnership.

If you operate in a business-to-business capacity the way we do, you know the importance of referrals. In our last blog, we highlighted how much a referral can mean to a business. Taking it one step further than the referral is the partnership. If you can find a way to combine your products and services with one or more of your clients, you will find that you’ve landed on the “thank you” that keeps on thanking!

“Are there any nearby businesses that complement your offerings?” asks Alexandra Kadlec on Care.com, “Get together and co-sponsor an event for customers. If you have a day care, maybe hold an info session at a local wine store for prospective parents. Run a pet sitting business? Pair with a local bakery that offers doggie treats and plan an event at a dog park.”

2. Send a handwritten note.

Yes, this is an old school approach. And that’s why it works! A handwritten note requires your time and effort. It’s a lot more thoughtful than an easy-to-type-within-seconds email. “When crafting your thank you note, try to be focused and specific,” advises Steve Bookbinder of IMPACT Branding & Design, “When you find a specific way to recognize how this customer has influenced you or include details of your relationships, it will make your message more meaningful and will likely increase motivation to work with you again.”

3. Offer an upgrade.

“Customers want to see that you’re constantly working on taking your products and services to the next level,” insists Bookbinder, “They want to work with a company who strives for innovation and continuous improvement…Select clients at random, or make a list of your most loyal customers and send the upgrade to your top 5-10.”

At Canadian POS Corporation, we very much agree with the upgrade approach. We’re aware than most Canadian business owners already have POS service providers. However, we’re happy to offer them upgrades at rates that simply can’t be beat in our industry! For more information about how you can upgrade your POS terminals, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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