3 Guidelines To Follow To Maximize Cyber Monday Sales

\"Depositphotos_35713985_xs\"It’s Cyber Monday! The online equivalent of Black Friday sees prices slashed on all kinds of company websites in order to generate the busiest online shopping day of the year. And quite frankly, it works! Year in and year out, Cyber Monday seems to outdo itself by beating previous years’ totals for online sales. Is your company website prepared for today’s online shopping rush? To benefit from Cyber Monday, it’s important to follow certain guidelines.

Here are three:

1. Create personalized, targeted offers and promotions. It’s important to know your target audience. Have you been paying attention to what your customers are most interested in when it comes to your company? Creating a special campaign surrounding some of your most sought-after items will help to increase sales via your website today and throughout the entire holiday season.

“With online giants like Amazon and eBay pioneering digital personalization, today’s consumers demand a relevant online shopping experience at a one-to-one level,” informs Mike Azevedo on Entrepreneur.com, “By collecting consumer information across all channels, merchants can tailor content and offers individually. For example, you can target visitors using demographic or geographic data.”

2. Offer free shipping. Cyber Monday is bound to increase the number of visitors to your website. But that doesn’t mean your competition won’t be experiencing the same type of boost in online browsers. Therefore, it’s important to come up with ways to lure shoppers away from your competitors’ sites so that they buy from you. Free shipping is certainly one way to do that. On BusinessDictionary.com, Ryan May explains the benefits of making this offer.

“One reason many small businesses have trouble competing with bigger organizations is the sticker shock related to the cost of shipping,” he writes, “If a consumer pays $15 for a sale item and is then forced to pay another $7 to $10 for shipping and packaging, there’s a good chance you’ve lost the sale. Many small businesses think they aren’t big enough to negotiate shipping costs. But that’s not true.”

3. Get busy on social media. It should probably go without saying that Facebook and Twitter are among today’s most popular ways to get the word out about your business. During the busy holiday season, that goes double! Today, your social media feeds should be all about your Cyber Monday sales. As Azevedo explains, your social networking platforms should also be used to handle what is likely to be an increase in customer inquiries.

“Be sure a dedicated employee monitors social media conversations before, during and after Cyber Monday,” he advises, “This way, if a visitor experiences a problem with your website or has a question, someone can address it in a timely manner. Engaging in social-media conversations is also a great way to monitor a brand’s reputation. You don’t want to miss out on knowing what individuals and competitors are saying about your business and products.”

If your website is not yet equipped with an e-commerce solution, we’re sorry to say that you’re currently missing out on the biggest online shopping day of the year. At Canadian POS Corporation, we offer an e-commerce solution that will guarantee you never miss out on another Cyber Monday again. With plenty of days left in this year’s holiday shopping season, you’ll want to add it to your website right away!

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