3 Important Tools Needed To Run A Successful Business

\"\"All businesses have ups and downs. All business owners know that they’re bound to run into slow patches now and again. This is especially true for seasonal businesses. Ice skates, for example, aren’t exactly hot sellers during the summertime. You get the point. However, it’s important to remember that all successful businesses have something in common – owners who possess particular “tools” that help them to run their companies effectively and efficiently.

What are these tools? Here are three important ones:

1. A strong sales acumen. We needed to start off this list with an obvious one. When it comes right down to it, a successful business is successful because of its high sales numbers. And, if you’re in sales, you have to be good at it. Heck, no matter what type of industry you’re in, you should be adept in your position. When it comes to sales, however, there is a particular attitude that is necessary. It’s one that is motivated by a competitive spirit. A desire to be the best must be coupled with an unmitigated approach to proving that it is so.

On Inc.com, Murray Newlands refers to a business owner’s sales prowess as a “no-brainer” tool of the trade. Sales skills, he says, are imperative to running a successful business. “After all, marketing can drive customers in to your business, but sales are going to be what keeps them coming back and keeps putting money into your pocket,” writes Newlands, “It is no wonder why most entrepreneurs actually come from a sales background!”

2. A human side. Number two on our list can be argued as an antithesis to number one. And that’s because those who are sales-focused (again, a necessary tool) tend to view people as numbers that are either valuable or exposable. Those who earn the business profits are worth their attention while those who don’t spend any money are of no worth to them. This is not the correct attitude if you want your business to enjoy long-term growth.

In 2017, customer relationships can make or break a business. Be human, encourages Steve Tobak on Entrepreneur.com, as successful businesses are built on real communication and genuine bonds. “Running a business is about motivating investors to provide capital, customers to buy products, and employees to work their tails off for you,” he writes, “Every business transaction ultimately has a human being at both ends.”

3. Extra working capital. It would be nice to put forth all of your plans to run a successful business without having to worry about the costs involved. However, that’s not exactly feasible. It certainly takes money to make money. But not every business owner has the money to invest in his or her plans to grow the company. Advertising, renovations, expansion, buying new equipment – these are all great business-boosting plans. But they all require money!

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