3 Keys To Growing Your Online Shop Traffic During May 2-4


This coming weekend is a very exciting one for most Canadians. The Victoria Day long weekend – affectionately referred to as “May 2-4” – is often recognized as our nation’s unofficial start of summer. We realize that this year’s summer is being primed to be like no other. Sadly, the coronavirus pandemic is bound to prevent us from enjoying many of summer’s pleasures. However, that doesn’t mean your business should suffer.

Over the next few days and all throughout the weekend, it would be wise for you to ramp up your advertising efforts. With most people continuing to self-isolate, you should work to grow your online shop traffic during May 2-4.

Here are three keys to doing just that:

1. Offer up special rewards for referrals.

Word of mouth promotion is regularly heralded as the best type of advertising any business can receive. Who better to trust than another consumer? With COVID-19 keeping your doors closed, getting a referral from a customer is arguably the best way to expand your brand’s reach online. Advertise the fact you’re offering special rewards for referrals. Inform visitors of your site that they can get discounts by entering the names and numbers of their referrers. Then, be sure to offer worthwhile perks to those referrers.

“81% of consumers say that a recommendation from a friend or family member heavily influences their buying decisions,” informs Neil Patel on his website, “It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Include a simple way for customers to view reviews and recommendations, as well as recommend your brand to others.”

2. Launch a Facebook ad campaign.

What do most people do when they’re stuck at home? They scroll through their social media feeds. What is the most effective way to quickly promote your latest online sale? You guessed it: using your social media accounts. People use social media all the time. Facebook, in particular, is widely known for its ability to help merchants to push their latest specials.

“With 1.65 billion monthly users, Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world and filled with opportunities for you to reach new customers and drive them to your online store,” explains Kevin Donnelly on Shopify.ca, “Facebook’s robust advertising platform allows you to target users based on their interests, behaviour, location, and more.”

3. Spruce up your website’s design.

It never hurts to keep the images and graphics of your online store updated. This is especially true when you’re marking a special event. As mentioned, May 2-4 is a special time for many Canadians. It’s wise to acknowledge the occasion with imagery that will grab the attention of your visitors.

As Patel notes, “over 75% of online shoppers say that their first impression of a website is a major influence on if they purchase from that website or not. The way you present your products makes a huge difference.”

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