3 Last Minute Cyber Monday Tips


Welcome to Cyber Monday! Today is the day when many a holiday shopper will be surfing the internet in search of the best deals. Is your online store prepared to welcome the extra traffic? More importantly, is your site designed in a way that will keep visitors browsing and making purchases? There are few things you should do to make sure your business enjoys a successful Cyber Monday today.

Here are three last minute Cyber Monday tips:

1. Get busy on social media.

Today is definitely the day to go social media crazy. Utilize your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts to let all of your friends and followers know about today’s amazing Cyber Monday sales. Be sure to include links to your online shop and provide photos of some of your most popular gift ideas in your posts.

On Privy.com, Lauren Shepherd insists that business owners use email and social channels to promote their Cyber Monday sales. “It may sound obvious, but folks that are on your email list and/or follow you on social media are already invested in your brand,” she writes, “Use Instagram, Facebook, and email to count down to your sales or show off limited edition merchandise available for the holidays.”

2. Make your savings abundantly clear.

There are many websites out there. Cyber Monday shoppers are currently in the process of hopping from one site to the next in order to compare prices. Finding the biggest bargains online is the name of the game today. Be sure to make it immediately crystal clear to every visitor to your site exactly how much they’ll be able to save by shopping in your online store.

PersonalizationMall.com is doing a fantastic job of this today. The online shop personalizes all of its gifts by allowing shoppers to include their names as part of the gifts (keepsakes such as ornaments, wine glasses and blankets are just a few examples). When you visit the site, the first thing you see is a big “Cyber Monday Sale | 30% off everything + free shipping over $49” at the top of their homepage.

3. Work to avoid cart abandonment.

Now, while we admit we like the PersonalizedMall.com approach to highlighting Cyber Monday sales, we do think the site could use some improving in its communication about shipping fees. A colleague of ours put us on to this site today, informing us of its seemingly great products. And while the site does announce its free shipping offer of purchases over $49, it does not make clear how expensive shipping to Canada is until the checkout process.

“It was way too expensive,” our colleague told us, “As much as I wanted the product, I couldn’t justify the cost.” Shepherd suggests you use a “cart saver” to avoid cart abandonment.

“A cart saver is a pop up display that launches when someone is about to exit your website with items remaining in their cart,” she explains, “You can offer a discount as an incentive to check out right then and there, or follow up via email with a discount code. We recommend doing both.”

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