3 Of The Biggest Benefits Of Selling Gift Cards

\"BenefitsIn our last blog, we revisited the topic of selling gift cards and highlighted the fact that they are worth selling all year round. No matter what time of year it is, there are always people shopping for gifts. As we pointed out, gift cards make shopping easy. But they also make gift-receiving fun. This is because they allow recipients to get whatever they want. Merchants reap the benefits of selling products they know won’t get returned.

So what are the biggest benefits of selling gift cards? Here are three:

1. You will increase your sales. Keep in mind that the selling of gift cards makes it so that your company has one extra, highly-sought after product to sell. As a result, you will increase your sales. It’s that simple. Not to mention, gift card recipients often represent customers that you have never had before. Once they receive gift cards from your store, they are very likely to pay it visits with intentions of buying.

“Gift cards are paid in advance with the express purpose of giving to someone the customer knows,” writes Amanda Stein on Indiesilver.com, “That means another visit to your store by the recipient. More than likely they will spend more than the dollar amount on the card, and you will get another sale.”

2. They function as excellent marketing tools. Gift cards give the impression that a company is doing well. Being able to “hang with the big boys” becomes part of your brand’s reputation when it sells gift cards. If you don’t believe that, simply ask your customers. “What is your opinion of stores that sell gift cards?” Chances are that you’ll hear them respond with answers that declare positive impressions.

“Gift cards can be a powerful marketing tool,” states Stein, “Beyond the referral power they possess, when someone receives a gift certificate, they will probably visit your website to learn more about your business. This gives you multiple opportunities to convey your marketing message, promote large ticket items, and even make an online sale. You get all this marketing power and you get paid to use it.”

3. They will help you to retain dissatisfied customers. Unfortunately, we all run into situations when customers are displeased. Perhaps, you ran out of an item someone was looking for. Maybe a delivery of one of your items came late. No matter the problem, a gift card can provide an ideal solution. By offering one to a disgruntled customer as an apology, you can stand to retain that shopper when he/she may otherwise have chosen to never do business with you again.

“We have all made mistakes in our businesses and want to we’re sorry for the trouble,” admits Stein, “Gift cards make a great way to show that your apology was sincere and that your customer’s business is important to you. Improving customer loyalty and making up for hard feelings in one move. This also improves your chances your customer will tell their friends how helpful your customer service is.”

At Canadian POS Corporation, we know just how beneficial the selling of gift cards has been for our clients. If you’re looking to reap those same benefits, we recommend that you contact us today! For information on how to sell gift cards in your store, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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