3 Reasons Accepting Credit Cards Makes Lives Easier

\"ShoppingWe hope that you all had an amazing Father’s Day weekend. And while it’s important to recognize all the great dads out there, it’s just as important to remember to allow your customers to celebrate their dads easily. Last week, we blogged about the fact that selling gift cards is a surefire way to make the lives of your customers easier. When you offer gift cards, you make shopping experiences a breeze while ensuring that new customers will be visiting your store.

And because dads were being celebrated this weekend, it brought to mind just how much easier it is to buy for dad when you accept credit cards. In many cases, people like to take their loved ones out as gift. Restaurants, of course, are go-to destinations for celebrations, so restaurant owners can truly benefit from accepting credit cards. And there are several reasons why doing so makes life easier for customers. Here are our top three.

1. They don’t have to worry about exact cash. When you’re treating someone to dinner, you usually want to stick to a budget. But at the same time, you don’t want to be specifically limited to the amount of cash you have in your pocket. Plus, how will you know exactly what you will need to pay until taxes and tips are all tabulated for you? As a customer, this is how you think, right? So as a business owner, give customers the gift of not having to think about it!

When you accept credit cards, you’re basically saying, “Don’t worry about having exact cash on you. Whatever the cost of the meal is, you can cover with plastic.” Let’s not forget about the convenience that comes along with wireless terminals. In the past, customers used to have to give their credit cards to their servers. Today, payments are made right at the table! Wireless terminals, by the way, are not exclusive to restaurants.

2. They can make payments anywhere. “I’m having new blinds put in to my new condo,” mentioned one of our associates over the weekend, “The guy who came by took all of the measurements of my sliding doors and windows that need covering and then asked how I was paying. I was happy to know that he accepted credit cards with a wireless terminal that he had brought along with him. It was very convenient.”

This convenience can also be provided by business owners who offer delivery services to their customers. In the past, customers would have to cut a cheque (sounds like an ancient practice by today’s standards) or wait until an invoice was sent in the mail in order to arrange for payment. As a business owner, this simply meant that you had to wait longer to get your money – if you were to get it at all. Accepting credit cards on the spot takes care of that problem.

3. They can worry less about protecting their purchases. When your customers pay with their credit cards, they are offered the ability to get purchase protection from their credit card companies. By offering this payment option, you put more people’s minds at ease. It allows them to purchase from you freely without the worry of losing out in the event of loss, theft or damage of whatever they have purchased.

At Canadian POS Corporation, we ensure that our clients are equipped with the best POS terminals in the business. We also ensure that they are paying very affordable rates while receiving only the best in customer service. Give your customers less worry and more flexibility by giving them the payment options that they want. Call us today at 1-877-748-2884 and let’s get you a new terminal within three days!

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