3 Reasons So Many Consumers Prefer Online Shopping


The internet is open 24/7. That right there is one of the top reasons why online shopping is so incredibly popular. The doors of an online shop never close. An online shopper doesn’t have to worry about looking for parking, getting stuck in traffic or even getting dressed (“no shirt, no service” doesn’t apply online). Online shopping makes the act of making purchases as convenient as it gets!

Make no mistake that online shopping is a year-round pastime. Yes, the end-of-year holiday season sees a huge spike in online shopping. But, naturally, brick and mortar stores get a big boost in traffic as well. If you own a business that only offers shoppers opportunities to make purchases in person, you’re missing out on a massive revenue stream.

Here are three reasons so many consumers prefer online shopping:

1. Browsing is made easy.

In the real world, consumers are forced to physically travel from one store to another in order browse through various items and compare prices. Even if all of this browsing is done in one shopping mall, it can be incredibly time and energy-consuming. The online world, on the other hand, gives a person the opportunity to effortlessly hop from one website to another in order to do such browsing and price comparing.

“You can get different products from different brands from different sellers from one online shop,” notes Maria Bashi on MsCareerGirl.com, “You can also compare prices from retailers in different countries from the comfort of your home.  While shopping online, you can be sure of getting exactly what you need.  This is made possible by being able to shop from different retailers in one sitting, comparing both the retailer and the product.”

2. Did we mention how convenient it is?

To further an earlier-made point, online shopping has made the act of making a purchase easier than ever. One can be at home, on a laptop computer, lying in bed, still wearing pyjamas and shop to his/her heart’s content. Jennifer King of eMarketer Retail reveals that a March 2018 CivicScience survey of American internet users found that 43 percent of online shoppers cite convenience as their top reason for making digital purchases.

“The convenience factor was cited across a variety of subgroups,” she informs, “For instance, parents, grandparents and nonparents all cited convenience as the primary factor in the survey, with more than four in 10 in each category saying so.”

3. Special deals and discount offers are plentiful.

Many retailers wisely offer special deals and discounts through their online stores. In many cases, free shipping is offered in order to entice shoppers to visit their company websites and make purchases. It’s a competitive market, no matter what type of business you own. As a result, making your online store an attractive shopping destination is an important part of growing your business. Savvy shoppers know this. So they love visiting websites when ready to spend money.

“Because the popularity of online shopping is on the increase, online stores have to keep up with the competition,” says Bashi, “They do this by offering deals on purchases, price reductions and other offers such as free delivery.” 

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