3 Reasons To Add Delivery As A Service This Summer


With COVID-19 restrictions easing up, all over Canada, most business owners are looking forward to profitable summers. With people getting used to social distancing, it has become more manageable to operate a business close to normally.

The restaurant business, however, still faces barriers. While some eateries are opening up their patios, it still isn’t considered completely safe to have diners eat inside establishments. This is what makes adding a delivery option a necessity this summer.

Consider these three reasons:

1. It will grow your customer relationships.

Most consumers value their experiences over the products and services they can buy. This is especially true when it comes to restaurants. Many establishments offer delicious food. But how many offer uniquely wonderful nights out? Since you can’t offer nights out right now, why not offer up another reason for people to like your restaurant over its main competitors? Adding delivery as a service speaks to an important need of many consumers. It will significantly boost your reputation.

In addition, your delivery option will give you greater insight into the types of customers who purchase your food. “Thanks to online platforms, you can now also get to know consumers better by using data to discover which type of meals are popular,” explains Victor Davies on LightspeedHQ.com, “This can help you can make better purchasing decisions or create a menu tailored to the delivery experience.”

2. You can expand your hours of operation.

COVID-19 is forcing business owners everywhere to come up with new and inventive ideas to turn a profit. Because sales have been so hard to come by, in recent months, it’s wise to consider new ways to make money this summer. Why not expand your hours of operation? Since you can’t technically open the doors of your restaurant, allow for people to order food during hours when your doors may normally be closed.

As FoundersGuide.com explains, offering delivery helps you to operate your restaurant 24/7, if you wish. “With a variety of restaurants and stores operating round the clock, starting up a food delivery business can be an excellent option,” the site reads, “People can order food any time they want, making food delivery service a highly sought-after business venture. Because of this, it’s possible for you to make more money all day and night long.”

3. It will help you to boost profits.

Consider the fact that apps like Skip The Dishes and Uber Eats make it easy for you to have your food delivered to customers. They may be convenient, but they cut into your profits. By offering delivery yourself, you take out the middle man and stand the chance of increasing your revenue. Between small delivery fees and tips for your drivers, your choice to add food delivery as a service will add to your profit margins.

“With more consumers willing to pay more for convenience, meal delivery also offers opportunities to increase your turnover with every order,” notes Davies, “With some delivery partners, you can even set margins in addition to prices, as well as upsell items such as extra drinks and side dishes.”

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