3 Reasons To Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly


If you’re looking to compete in today’s marketplace (and which business owner isn’t?), it’s imperative that your brand has a strong online presence. We’re talking about having a well-designed, easy-to-navigate website in addition to highly active accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, just to name a few. A regularly-updated website in addition to frequent social networking is a winning combination in 2020.

Of course, not all websites are created equal. The ones that are easy to access through mobile devices are the ones that help companies to win over consumers. Just like with the above mentioned social media platforms, it’s imperative that your site can be accessed on a smartphone or tablet. Not having a mobile-friendly website, to put it simply, is bad for business.

Here are three reasons to ensure your website is mobile-friendly:

1. It will boost your sales.

When your site is easily accessible on mobile devices, it will greatly please your visitors. Instead of immediately logging off, they’ll take looks around. Instead of opting for other brands, they’ll consider making purchases. Having a mobile-friendly site is especially important if it includes an online shop. If you wish for your visitors to make direct purchases from your site, it’s practically mandatory you allow them to do so on their smartphones.

“People aren’t hanging on to the idea of purchasing when they get home on their PC – they want to do it now!” confirms Maria Bellissimo-Magrin of The CEO Magazine, “On average, 15% of desktop users make purchases at least once a week, whereas 35% of mobile users make purchases at least once a week. If they hit a website that is hard to navigate on mobile or doesn’t feel intuitive, they’ll take their business elsewhere.”

2. It meets the needs of those who require immediate service.

In today’s world, everyone expects things quickly. No longer are people satisfied with calling a company, leaving a message and waiting for it to be returned within 24 hours. Today, people are able to attain the information they need at the click of a button. When consumers come calling (or come surfing), it’s vital that you’re able to meet their immediate needs.  A mobile-friendly site helps with that.

“Mobile users get to the web at whatever point they need, wherever they are,” says Studio98.com, “A website that is not mobile-friendly can push the guests to relinquish and search for another, more helpful site to explore.”

3. It will significantly boost customer satisfaction.

You want your customers to be happy, don’t you? Well here’s one way to make them unhappy: make it so that your website can’t easily be accessed on their smartphones. As we’ve made pretty clear, the majority of internet users utilize their mobile devices to surf the net. Picture an individual doing just that and then coming upon your site – only to find that the user experience is unpleasant.

“User experience is everything these days,” insists Bellissimo-Magrin, “A positive experience is accessing an intuitive site that doesn’t require users to pinch and zoom to find something or build up frustration…Frustration will send visitors to mobile-optimised competitors and the chances of winning them back are slim with Google figures showing that 61% of users are unlikely to return to a site they found difficult to access.”

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