3 Reasons To Sell Your Products Through Your Website

\"OnlineThis past Monday was Cyber Monday. And, as you can imagine, businesses all over North American enjoyed a significant increase in sales thanks to the major discounts they were offering their customers. Of course, these discounts were all offered online. The annual tradition of Cyber Monday is known for being the biggest online shopping day of the year. Our Monday blog, therefore, highlighted the importance of investing in an e-commerce solution for your business.

Are you selling your products through your website? Here are three reasons why you should:

1. Most internet users have used it to make purchases. Is there anyone who hasn’t surfed the internet? In today’s world, there are very few of those people left. So the question is: how many people have used the internet and made purchases while doing so? According to Thomas Smale of Entrepreneur.com, it’s the vast majority of internet users. “Eighty percent of the web population has made a purchase online,” he informs.

“As you can imagine, that 80 percent is only going to grow,” he continues, “The key as an e-commerce business owner is to establish trust and credibility with leads and customers. From developing an attractive and easily navigable website to creating content that helps your customers, there are many different aspects to earning their trust, but if you commit to constant improvement, in time, you\’ll build a loyal following.”

2. It increases opportunities to enjoy word-of-mouth promotion. All business owners know how important it is to get referrals from other customers. It’s hard to argue that word-of-mouth promotion isn’t the best type of advertising that a business can receive. A referral is generally taken as a genuine recommendation of a business. So, needless to say, referrals go a long way.

As explained by Ian Mills on CustomerMagnetism.com, online shoppers offer great word-of-mouth promotions opportunities because they often enjoy writing reviews. “Today, we can still be social when we shop, even if we’re alone at home on the couch,” he writes, “Top e-commerce retailers offer consumers real-time suggestions for products based on our previous purchases, and from our browsing behaviour. At the same time, past customers are leaving reviews about their shopping experience every day on any number of review websites.

3. It will enable you to make use of cost-effective advertising strategies. To reiterate that last point, people love to share their opinions online. And where do people tend to go to express their views? You guessed it – their social media accounts. After setting up your online store, be sure to utilize social media to promote the fact that you have products available for sale on your website. Why wouldn’t you? It’s completely free to do!

“Small retailers must find ways to incorporate social media and social buying into their marketing strategies – often in creative ways and with limited budgets,” insists Mills, “A good strategy is to target niche groups of consumers online like Facebook groups or specific hash tags with posts. By prioritizing research early on in social strategy you’ll more likely see valuable returns.”

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