3 Reasons Why Credit Card Acceptance Attracts Vacationers

\"\"With it being the first of May today, a new season has arrived – sort of. Spring has been in full swing for over a month now, but we’re entering the time of year when many people begin thinking about their summer vacations. And, as much as Canadians enjoy travelling abroad, numerous travellers from all over the world enjoy making their way to our great nation for their vacations.

As a Canadian business owner, this is excellent news! The summer months give you a great number of opportunities to welcome visitors to Canada into your store. However, it’s important that you show our nation’s visitors that your store is one that welcomes them.

How can you prove that your store is welcoming to vacationers to Canada?

Show them that you accept credit cards! A “cash only” sign is as good as a “go away” sign to visitors of our country. In the past, they need would have needed to exchange their foreign currency into Canadian cash in order to make use of their money when shopping here. Not anymore.

Most travellers have done away with the idea of converting their cash into the currency of the nations they visit. Instead, they simply use their credit cards to pay for their purchases, as there are tons of benefits that come with doing so. Here are just three:

1. No need to exchange cash.

As we’ve mentioned, credit cards allow people to not worry about having to keep any cash on them. This is especially important for vacationers who may be visiting more than one country during their summer travels. Using credit cards helps them to avoid the trouble of converting cash in the currencies of the nations they visit – their credit cards do that for them. Charges will show up on their bills in the currency of their home countries and they will be able to pay their bills as they normally would.

2. Protection from loss, theft and fraud.

Not having to carry cash means not having to worry about being robbed. Of course, credit cards can be lost or stolen. But they can also be immediately cancelled and eventually replaced. As a result, a cardholder doesn’t lose any money when his/her card goes missing. Even if fraudulent charges are placed on the credit card, they can be investigated and reimbursed by the credit card issuer.

3. Detailed accounts of spending.

It can be hard to keep track of spending when you’re on vacation. But for a traveller that uses a credit card, recordkeeping is easy. Naturally, a credit card bill lists all of the purchases that have been made and tallies them up for the cardholder. For someone who needs to maintain accurate accounting, a credit card is the payment method of choice.

At Canadian POS Corporation, we know how important it is for Canadian businesses to provide visitors to Canada with payment options. Stores that accept credit cards are seen as more welcoming to travellers and benefit from higher sales, as a result.

Are you offering vacationers to Canada the payment options they want?

To begin accepting credit cards or to upgrade from your current provider, don’t hesitate in contacting Canadian POS Corporation. Be sure to ask us about our Countertop and Wireless POS terminal options. Give us a call at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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