3 Reasons Why Gift Cards Make The Best Treats


Halloween is a mere two weeks away! People all over Canada are gearing up for the spooky occasion by putting together their scary costumes and preparing their taste buds for tons of sweets. It should be noted, however, that candy isn’t the only treat that can be doled out on Halloween. As a business owner, there is a treat of a different variety that you should consider giving your attention.

Gift cards, as we’ve often pointed out on the Canadian POS Blog, are loved by just about everyone! It’s hard not to love something that gives you the opportunity to get whatever you want. While some people still live with the idea that gift cards are “impersonal” and “thoughtless”, we’d argue that gift cards make the best treats!

Here are three reasons why:

1. They give people what they really want.

It’s important for us to reiterate the fact that gift cards help to eliminate a big problem when it comes to shopping: knowing exactly what the gift recipient wants. When a shopper buys a gift card, he/she knows the recipient won’t be returning the gift because it’s the wrong size, colour or style. Gift cards are fail-safe gifts!

According to a CashStar survey, “the most appealing thing about receiving a gift card, according to respondents, is the ability to treat themselves to something they really want (77%), followed by being able to buy things they really need instead of being given more ‘stuff’ (66%) and being able to purchase an item that they wouldn’t otherwise have been able to afford by applying the gift card balance (51%).”

2. They save shoppers both time and money.

Gift cards make the best treats because they’re not just loved by their recipients. As we alluded to in our first reason, gift cards make life so much easier for shoppers. On WiseBread.com, Ashley Watson notes that if you are purchasing gifts for a lot of people, such as a dozen or more nieces and nephews, you can budget a dollar amount for each card.

“This also prevents arguments over which cousin got the better gift, because everyone gets the same amount of money,” she writes, “And it saves you the time shopping for each person. Plus, even if you get a gift receipt, returning gifts can be a headache, especially right after the holidays when customer service lines are backed up to the entrance of the store.”

3. They encourage people to treat themselves.

We all have those loved ones who simply refuse to spend money on themselves. They’re too busy being generous towards others. These selfless individuals are great people, so it’s only right that they receive generosity too.

“For practical people who never spend money on themselves, give them a gift card from a place where they can purchase something they need, or may not have the money for,” encourages Watson, “I would gladly accept a $50 gift card for groceries, for instance. Don\’t forget pet owners could always use more cat litter or dog food. And for that hard-to-buy-for person in your life, money is always an option.”

Do you offer gift cards to your customers? Please don\’t hesitate to contact Canadian POS to learn how you can begin taking advantage of gift cards today! Call us at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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