3 Reasons You Should Begin To Accept Mobile Payments

\"ConceptualIs there anyone left out there who doesn’t have a smartphone? In 2016, you’d be hard pressed to find a person without one. Sure, they’re more popular among younger audiences. But, chances are that the vast majority of those who are part of your client base own a smartphone. The same can be said about credit cards. Canadians are well known for their penchant to want to pay with plastic. But how do smartphones and credit cards work in tandem?

VirtualMerchant Mobile offers Canadian business owners an excellent mobile solution that turns their smartphones into full-service POS terminals. It’s a secure and complete solution that enables you to accept payments quickly and securely anywhere, at any time without a major investment of money or effort. VirtualMerchant Mobile is an innovative offering for businesses of any size that want more than just a mobile payment solution from their payment providers.

So why should you begin to accept mobile payments? Here are three reasons:
1. Your customers practically expect it. Whether you consider yourself to be tech-savvy or not, an ever-growing number of Canadian consumers are becoming very aware of the various payment options that are being made available to them these days. No longer are customers forced to enter stores in order to make their purchases. They’re aware that they can often purchase goods and services from remote locations and make payments with mobile devices.

Akira Hirai of Cayenne Consulting reveals some statistics that prove that this trend is steadily on the rise. “According to a study conducted by the Aite Group, mobile payments (were expected to reach) $214 billion by 2015,” he reveals, “That’s an astonishing 68% compound annual growth rate from $16 billion in 2010…small businesses often have a unique advantage to going mobile, because they don’t need to integrate the new system with a complex payment infrastructure.”

2. It’s incredibly easy to use. Because people are so regularly on their smartphones, it’s safe to say that they know they’re way around their various features. Even the least-savvy smartphone user will be able to get the hang of a mobile payment service. On Groovv.com, Stephanie Howard explains that mobile payments make for very quick and easy transactions between your business and its customers.

“Most people can gain access to their cell phones in an instant as opposed to how long it can take to rifle through a wallet for the proper credit card,” she describes, “With mobile phone payments (or now, certain smart watches), buying products is as simple as touching the phone to a wireless tap-to-pay reader. The transaction is also completely safe as card information is totally tokenized and encrypted.”

3. It provides you with great flexibility. Mobile payments allow you to very easily take your show on the road. By attending trade shows, conferences and other industry events, you no longer need to be straddled with the task of handing out business cards in hopes that you will be contacted by prospects in the future. You can now sell your products, on the spot, with ease. Such flexibility fosters a significant growth in sales.

According to Hirai, flexibility and mobility are among the top benefits to taking advantage of a mobile payments solution. “Mobile payments allow you to close on deals wherever your customers are,” he writes, “Meeting buyers at trade shows, conventions, and conferences can turn conversations into transactions, and turn a networking opportunity into a direct sale.”

Be sure to check back for our next blog as we continue to list advantages of accepting mobile payments! For more information on our VirtualMerchant Mobile, please don’t hesitate to call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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