3 Reasons Your Customers May Prefer Shopping Online Over Visiting You


Now that the spring is here, it’s important to not just assume that you’ll have an increase in traffic at your brick-and-mortar store location. Sure, it is likely that the warm and sunny days ahead will encourage more members of your customer base to visit you in person. But don’t assume that online shopping goes out of style during the warmest months of the year.

There are many reasons your customers will choose to shop online over paying you a visit. Here are just three:

1. It’s a major time saver.

When customers decide to go shopping using the internet, they’ve essentially made the decision to spare themselves the several hours it usually takes to get ready to go out, drive, find parking, locate items of choice and stand in line at checkouts. The process may be fun for some, but for others, it’s a lot of time that would be better spent doing other things. By allowing your customers to shop via your online store, you give them added incentive to continue to support your brand.

On eBay.com, it is explained that “with just a couple of clicks of the mouse, you can purchase your shopping orders and instantly move to other important things, which can save time.”

2. It makes gift-giving a lot easier.

Canada is a large country, land mass-wise. Many Canadians have friends and relatives all over the nation. In fact, many Canadians have friends and relatives all over the world! When they’re looking to celebrate the ones they love, but who live in far away countries, online shopping makes delivering gifts a very easy process. By shopping online, consumers can have their purchases shipped to virtually any destination of their choice.

“Sending gifts to relatives and friends is easy, no matter where they are,” confirms TruthWebMedia, “Now, there is no need to make distance an excuse for not sending a gift on occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, Valentine\’s Day, Mother\’s Day, Father\’s Day, and so forth.”

3. It makes browsing and price comparing a cinch.

When a shopper isn’t quite sure where to make his/her purchase from, he/she will likely spend a lot of time going from store to store in order to compare both products and prices. Needless to say, this can be a time consuming activity. However, the savviest of shoppers know that doing all of that browsing and comparing can be done online. It’s an increasingly popular practice.

“The advanced innovation of search engine allows you to easily check prices and compare with just a few clicks,” explains eBay.com, “It is very straightforward to conduct price comparisons from one online shopping website to another. This gives you the freedom to determine which online store offers the most affordable item you are going to buy.”

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