3 Reasons Your Restaurant Should Add A Delivery Option


Restaurants are never going to go out of style. The most successful of restaurateurs know, however, that support from customers can’t be taken for granted. People love to go out to eat. But people also love enjoyable experiences. So when hungry patrons come to your restaurant, you need to do more than simply offer them delicious dishes. They require excellent customer service, comforting ambiance and various payment options as well.

But what about those people who would prefer to eat at home than in your restaurant? Shouldn’t you still be able to provide them with scrumptious eats? If your business offers a delivery option, you can. So why not add one if you haven’t already?

Here are three reasons your restaurant should add a delivery option:

1. It’s bound to boost overall sales.

The first and most obvious reason to deliver your food to your customers is that it’s going to increase sales. By adding people who want to enjoy nights in to your list of customers, you practically double your potential to boost sales on any given night. In addition, as WebstaurantStore.com points out, adding a delivery service to your restaurant will help you distinguish yourself from the competition.

“Keep in mind that delivery will only grow your brand if you already have market presence and a loyal customer base,” warns the site, “Potential customers can\’t order from you if they\’ve never heard your name. Once you\’re on the delivery circuit, though, you\’ll be available to customers who may not have tried your food before, which can lead to increased profits.”

2. You\’ll grow your millennial customer base.

If you’re not catering to millennials, you’re practically trying to put your restaurant out of business. Our younger generation is made up of many individuals who love dining out. However, because of their busy lifestyles, they love ordering food to their homes as well. And the majority of millennials place their orders on their smartphones. Not only should you offer a delivery service, you have to make it available online.

“Millennials (people under 30) make up a massive percentage of the online food ordering market,” contends Ciaran Gallagher on Flipdish.com, “A vast majority of this group use their phones for 90% of their daily activities. By making it easy for them to order, you increase the likelihood of them ordering there and then and as a result, more often.”

3. You can eliminate third-party delivery services.

Companies like Uber Eats and Skip The Dishes are cleaning up thanks to restaurants that don’t offer delivery options. Their services have made it so that people can pretty much order from any restaurant they like. Naturally, restaurants that use these delivery services must offer up cuts of their profits. By offering your own delivery service, your restaurant can eliminate the need to use these third-party delivery services.

“According to recent studies, 76% of consumers revealed that they prefer to order directly from the restaurant of their choice, rather than through third-party services,” WebstaurantStore.com informs us, “On average, maintaining your own delivery team is also 46%-50% cheaper than employing the services of third parties. This will also boost your revenue, since you\’re collecting 100% of the profits from each meal served.”

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