3 Steps To Having The Strongest Online Shop Possible


With most brick and mortar stores closed for the foreseeable future, online shopping is spiking all over the world. Retailers are now finding that the internet-based alternative to in-person shopping is the primary way to process sales during the current coronavirus pandemic. What that means for business owners is that competing for the attention of online shoppers has become harder than ever!

What can you do to have the strongest online shop possible? Try these three steps:

1. Go heavy on your social media use.

This tip should be considered a no-brainer. These days, people are flocking to their social media accounts more than ever. In many cases, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram feeds are where people receive the latest news concerning COVID-19. Of course, these popular platforms are also home to many business accounts. Ensure that yours is heavily active. Promote your latest sales and be sure to include links to your online store.

“Social media is key to building a strong online presence,” insists Perjeet Badh of Taku Retail, “With almost half the world population using social platforms (over 3.48 billion people worldwide), it has become an effective, fast, and inexpensive way to reach target shoppers. According to PWC, 61% of shopper purchasing decisions are influenced by social media!”

2. Partner up with another online store.

You could argue that there has never been a more important time in your company’s history than now to form a partnership with another business. Not every online shopper is looking for what you have to sell. That is, of course, until you remind them that what you have to sell is worth buying! By partnering with another business, you will increase your brand’s exposure. Offer to swap links with other online stores that aren’t your competitors and enjoy a spike in web traffic.

“Establish your reputation by showing which companies are working with you,” encourages Oksana on Sellbrite.com, “They don’t necessarily need to be on the scale of a Coca-Cola or Apple, but even small companies can add a degree of trustworthiness to your enterprise. The more partners you have, the better.”

3. Respond to all of your online customer reviews.

These days, an online review is worth a lot more than any television commercial. Consumers trust the words of other consumers. Positive online reviews are integral to the growth of your business. And your responses to such reviews help to further engage your audience. Be sure, however, to respond to negative reviews also. Doing so will significantly help to grow your brand’s reputation as customer-friendly.

“It’s important to thank shoppers for leaving positive reviews,” says Badh, “This often encourages other shoppers to leave a review as they know it will be read. Don’t feel discouraged by bad reviews! In the case that a shopper leaves a negative review, it is best to address it and resolve the issue. This way, potential shoppers will feel more comfortable doing business with you!”

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