3 Surefire Ways To Enjoy Business Growth

\"businessAll business owners want to grow their businesses. But they all seem to have different strategies for how to get that done. Naturally, every business is different. And, therefore, there is a wide variety of advertising techniques to choose from that will best suit the needs of each individual business owner in Canada. But which ones are the best? Are there some surefire ways to enjoy business growth?

There sure are! Here are three:

1. Ask your customers for referrals. It’s pretty important to start with the customers that you already have. In fact, there is no one better to promote your business than those who are currently happy with it. Offer your loyal supporters incentives to pass along the good word about your brand. A word-of-mouth recommendation is a lot more likely to be taken than blatant advertising at the hands of television, print, radio and even the internet.

According to Susan Ward on About.com, “one of the easiest ways to (get new customers) is to ask your current customers for referrals. But notice the verb. Doing a great job and just assuming that your customers are passing the word about your business isn’t going to do much to increase your customer base; you have to actively seek referrals. During or after every job or sale, ask your satisfied customer if he knows anyone else who would be interested in your products or services.”

2. Bolster your team with experts. Last week, our hometown, Toronto Blue Jays were ousted from the postseason when it seemed they were World Series-bound. Naturally, Canadian baseball fans are still reeling from the elimination. But, based on how much the team was strengthened by the addition of star players over the past few months, there is great hope for the team’s future.

For your company’s future success, you’ll also need to strengthen it with excellent team players who are experts in their respective fields of work. “Steve Jobs always believed in building a team of A-Players because he wanted the smartest and best people around him to ensure his success,” writes Alex Pirouz on HuffingtonPost.com, “It may cost more to hire experts however they work out more cost effective in real dollar terms because they generate above average results, not to mention saving our most valuable asset, your time.”

3. Utilize the internet. If you’re not online, you’re practically non-existent. At least, this is what the average young Canadian consumer thinks nowadays. It’s vitally important that you not only have a regularly-updated website, but that you offer your customers a method of making purchases direction from your site. On Entrepreneur.com, Karen E. Spaeder reveals the take of web content strategies, Sally Falkow on this matter.

“Bill Gates said that by the end of 2002, there will be only two kinds of businesses: those with an Internet presence, and those with no business at all,” she is quoted as saying, “Perhaps this is overstating the case, but an effective Web site is becoming an integral part of business today.” Falkow goes on to point out that 80 percent of a website’s traffic comes by way of search engines.

At Canadian POS Corporation, we offer our customers the ability to turn their company websites into their online stores. Our e-commerce solution enables business owners to easily and securely accept and process all credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. If you haven’t yet utilized the internet to grow your business, there’s no better time to start than now!

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