3 Tips For Boosting Online Sales All Summer Long


It’s hot outside! That means more Canadians are outside right now than at any other point of the year. Oh, glorious summer, how we love you! Well, most of us love summer anyway. Online retailers may not necessarily think it’s all that great a season. After all, if more Canadians are outside enjoying the hot and sunny weather, it means that less of them are at home on their computers…shopping!

Don’t forget that a whole lot of online shopping takes place on smartphones. Practically every Canadian who is out and about, this summer, will have a smartphone on his/her person. As a result, there’s no reason why online shopping should slow down. With that said, it’s still important for you to find ways to boost your online sales all summer long.

Here are three tips:

1. Host a “Summer Cleaning” sale.

We’ve all heard of spring cleaning. Why can’t the ritual take place in the summer too? For your online store, that means offering reduced prices on non-seasonal items. Still have skis, boots and toques hanging around? Bundle them all into a package and slash their online prices. Hosting a clearance sale in your online shop is great way to boost traffic and increase sales.

“Do you still have stock left from your winter clothing line?” asks Syed Balkhi on Bluehost.com, “It’s not too late to clear out that old inventory. Do a summer clearance sale with unbelievable prices and people will flock to your online store to grab the deals. People are smart enough to prepare for upcoming seasons and events ahead of time and they won’t hesitate to grab a great deal when they see one.”

2. Run online flash sales.

In-store flash sales are usually pretty fun because they surprise shoppers and encourage them to make impulse purchases. An online flash sale, however, requires a bit of advertising. Be sure to use your social media channels and your email list to inform your friends, followers and subscribers of the specific dates and times you’ll be offering special discounts in your online shop.

NaviPartner.com suggests that you promote a 48-hour summer sale both online and offline. “By putting a time limit on the sale, it activates the customers and let them know about the sale in time,” says the site, “The sale should be announced on social media to be sure to reach potential customers. If the flash sale should make a serious impact on sales, you can benefit from combining online and offline sale.”

3. Team up with influencers.

People with large online followings can be great resources. Reach out to them to see if you can get some help in promoting your brand. Offering some incentives and perks will certainly be in order. But they’ll pay dividends when your influencers let their online followers know how great your brand is!

According to Balkhi, “influencer marketing is one of the most overlooked methods of promotions available today, especially if you’re targeting the younger generation. In fact, surveys show that 70% of millennials prefer to receive product recommendations from bloggers and influencers.”

If you’re not yet taking full advantage of the popularity of online shopping, don’t waste any time in calling Canadian POS at 1-877-748-2884 or emailing us at info@localhost to learn all about our safe and secure e-commerce solution!

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