3 Tips For Providing Unbeatable Holiday Season Customer Service

\"ChristmasWith the holiday shopping season now here, it is more important than ever to give your customers unforgettable shopping experiences. Keep in mind that the ways in which you interact with your customers will do more for the reputation of your brand than the products and services you offer. Your competition is likely to provide the same or similar. But can their customer service practices compare?

Here are three tips for providing unbeatable holiday season customer service:

1. Make sure your staff members are clear about your company goals. It’s all well and good to wish to provide the best customer service in your industry. But you need your entire team to be on board with you if you’re going to pull it off. Be sure to emphasize to your team members your exact vision about the interactions you want them to have with your customers. On MultiChannelMerchant.com, Dennis Casey explains the importance of having everyone on board.

“The biggest mistake a leader can make is to assume all employees understand company goals without ever clearly stating them, so take the time to communicate clearly with employees,” he writes, “Customer service ranks third behind great deals and low prices as the number one reason consumers choose to shop with a retailer, proving how important every customer interaction is.”

2. Never underestimate the power of the smile. Smiles are necessary in the customer service world all year long. However, during the holiday season, it’s practically mandatory for your business to reflect a bright and cheery mood. This is often easier said than done because of how busy you and your staff members will get. And while it may be frustrating to have to handle so many customers, it can’t be lost on you that busy is good. The smiles on your faces will help to keep your store busy will into the new year.

“The holiday season is a rush and amplified stress is not uncommon for anyone,” says Casey, “Keep in mind that a pleasant experience or kind word can suddenly turn a disgruntled or cranky customer into a loyal and satisfied fan. If the interaction becomes frustrating, teach your employees how to stay patient – what seems obvious to you might not be to your customer.”

3. Hire seasonal staff members. Sometimes, you’re just not going to be able to keep up with the demands from all of those new customers with the staff you currently employ. It’s common practice for retailers to hire additional staff members to help shore things up during the busy holiday shopping season. Making sure you have enough employees to provide service to all of your customers will go a long way in not making customers upset.

“Seasonal employees not only give you an extra boost during the busy season, but they also provide a repository of talent should you have full-time hiring needs in the future,” says Evan Klonsky on Inc.com, “From that standpoint, you can look at the work almost like a two or three month job interview.”

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