3 Ways To Keep Your Summer Sales Strong All August Long

\"\"We’re about to offer a sentence that will have the majority of Canadians recoiling in agony: The summer is more than halfway done! Time truly does fly when you’re having fun. And, if you’re like most people in our country, you love the opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors provided by the warm and sunny summer months. Well, one of those months is July – and July, as you know, has only got another day left!

As a business owner, it’s important to capitalize on the joy that summer brings most of your customers. It’s also important to remember that with August yet to start, there is still a lot of summer left for you to entice your customers to visit your store.

There are a number of ways to keep your summer sales strong all August long. Here are three:

1. Be where the party’s at!

As you’re well aware, summer is the time of year when a lot of outdoor events take place. You’re likely to have already attended a number of concerts, barbeques, picnics and/or tournaments. Why not sponsor one of these events or throw one yourself this August? There’s nothing like being part of an exciting summer event to gain new fans and intrigue your current customer base.

“Go to where your customers are,” insists Marcia Layton Turner on Forbes.com, “Many cities host summer festivals, markets, or events where local retailers can set up booths or tents to sell their wares. If there’s an upcoming event in your town or neighborhood that would be a fit for your business, ask how you might be included. View it as a way to make potential customers aware of your store and your products and services.”

2. Create an exclusive club of VIPs!

Customers love enjoying exclusive benefits. And the ones who have supported your brand the most deserve some extra perks. Offer your regular customers opportunities to join an exclusive club of VIPs than enables them to take advantage of discounts, prizes and special offers. Carolyn DeLavalle of Swivel Works highlights the fact that existing customers tend to spend five to seven times more than new customers. It’s wise to reward them.

“This is the time to offer a deal your customers can’t refuse,” she writes, “Summer is a great time to reward your customers with great offers or discounts. You may choose to offer an exclusive reward to your most loyal customers through email, text message or loyalty cards. Loopy Loyalty offers a digital punch card that your client can download on their phone.”

3. Take it to the streets!

While the weather is still warm, there’s no reason to not enjoy it while working. Why not throw regular sidewalk sales? Depending on the setup of your store (do you have a sidewalk directly in front of it?), it would be advantageous for you to take some of your products outside and put them on display for all passers-by to see for the month of August.

“Catch shoppers’ eyes by setting up display tables or racks out in front of your store, if you have space on the sidewalk,” advises Turner, “Consider having a special sale section and note the bargain prices in big, bold numbers.”

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