3 Ways To Make Sure You’re Making Your Customers Happy


In 2018, customers want a lot more from the businesses they support than just products and services alone. This wouldn’t be the first time we’ve highlighted this fact and it’s not likely to be the last. The importance of providing exemplary customer experiences cannot be understated. In today’s business world, customer satisfaction can easily make the difference between significantly growing your customer base and losing a lot of supporters to your competitors.

What are you doing to make your customers happy? Here are three ways to make sure you’re doing the right thing:

1. Discover what truly makes them tick.

Perhaps, this is obvious, but there’s simply no better way to find out what would make your customers happy than to ask them directly. It’s important that you know not just what your customers want, but how they want it. For example, your products and services may be available through other sources. But do you offer the best prices, the quickest shipping or the friendliest service to enhance your customer experiences?

On Forbes.com, Mike Kappel insists that you conduct a market analysis to find out what makes your customers tick. “During a market analysis, you research your target customers to learn about their needs, wants, interests, and demographics,” he writes, “Once you know what customers want, you can give it to them. You can better position your business to attract and keep your target customers. When customers get what they desire, they’ll be happier.”

2. Remember that consistency is key.

One thing that is practically guaranteed to frustrate customers is when they hear one thing from one employee and a different thing from another employee. Be sure that your staff members are all on the same page with respect to company policies. There should be a consistency across the board with respect to customer service as well.

“To keep customers happy, you need to be consistent in providing quality services,” insists Stefanie Amini on CustomerThink.com, “Let your customers know that their satisfaction is your main business goal. Improve the channels of communication with your employees by asking for feedback. As an entrepreneur you need to have regularly scheduled meetings with your support staff in order to get any new ideas that might help to increase.”

3. Allow them to pay in whatever way they like.

Consumers know they have all kinds of options. They have a variety of stores to choose from when it comes to their shopping excursions and they have a wide array of products and services to decide upon. When it comes to how to pay for those products and services, shoppers expect to have options as well.

If you want your business to be chosen over its competitors, be sure to allow your customers the option of paying with either their credit cards or their debit cards. Naturally, they should be able to pay with cash as well. But, it shouldn’t be their only choice. At Canadian POS Corporation, we’re proud to offer the Poynt Smart Terminal as your POS solution. They provide both merchants and customers with excellent point-of-sale experiences!

Make the switch to the Poynt Smart Terminal today! Call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost to find out how.

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