3 Ways To Maximize Your Online Back To School Sales

\"\"In our last blog, we highlighted some of the top ways to maximize your in-store back to school sales. All throughout Canada, students will be headed back into the classrooms in a little under a month. The time is now to take advantage of what is known as the second busiest shopping season of the year!

However, it’s important to remember that tons of people shop online during the holiday season, which you’ve likely guessed, is the busiest shopping season of the year. Do you think online shopping is any less popular for people’s back to school needs? Certainly not!

So what can you do to maximize your online back to school sales?

Here are three ideas:

1. Create a back to school section of your site.

It’s vital that once web users visit your website, they will immediately become aware that you are running a back to school promotion. Be sure to get your web designer to create a special back to school section of your online store so that visitors can easily direct themselves to all of your special deals and discounts.

“Create a special back-to-school page on your store to make it easy for shoppers to find what they’re looking for,” advises Jerry Jao on PracticalEcommerce.com, “Put all related items, promotions, and deals in one place so it’s more convenient for shoppers to locate what they need.”

2. Target students via social media.

It’ s no secret that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is where the young people are. If you have back to school supplies that you want to have fly off the shelves, you’d be wise to utilize the world’s most popular social media accounts to target young customers. As SquareUp.com points out, kids of all ages influence their parents’ buying decisions. This is where social media plays a big role.

“Get creative — if you’re a retail shop, host an Instagram contest and ask followers to post a picture of themselves wearing some of your items for the chance to win a back-to-school wardrobe,” suggests the site, “Build a back-to-school Pinterest board and post pictures of fall’s hottest trends on Facebook with links to the must-buy items you carry.”

3. Set up a professional product photo shoot.

In case you weren’t aware, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. Why? People love pictures. How can you immediately spark the interest of your website’s visitors? Pictures! Jao advises that you write detailed product descriptions of your items and include numerous product photos to show off your merchandise.

“Get it from every angle and be sure to capture the details,” he instructs, “This helps shoppers determine if the product is for them, and it gives you an edge over stores that only have a single photo of the product.”

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