3 Ways To Push Last-Minute Gift Card Sales


Christmas is less than a week away! You know what that means. Last-minute shoppers are currently on the hunt for the best possible deals and most ideal gifts for their loved ones. You can’t blame people for leaving things to the last minute. In our fast-paced society, schedules are regularly busy and finding time to hit the mall isn’t easy.

This is why it’s so important for your store to offer last-minute shoppers very easy transitions from having nothing to offer their loved ones to completing their holiday shopping in no time. They’re called gift cards! Both shoppers and gift recipients love them. Making gift cards accessible and easy to find is the first step to ensuring you enjoy a surge in gift card sales this week. But taking a few other tips will help you that much more.

Here are three ways to push last-minute gift card sales:

1. Set up a gift card display at your store’s entrance.

One of the best possible ways to boost your gift card sales is to ensure that every single person who enters your store sees your gift cards right away. Clearly, the best way to do that is to set up a vibrant gift card display right at your store’s entrance. In many cases, you may find people walking in, grabbing one and heading straight to your cashiers.Be sure to have another display set up at the registers.

“It goes without saying that you won’t sell gift cards if they’re hard to find,” says Erply.com, “If you have physical cards on display, make sure they’re near the register.It’s a good idea for security purposes anyway — they’re usually small packages— but even moreso they may prompt the harried holiday shopper to remember that one remaining relative or friend who still needs a gift.”

2. Reward your shopper.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the person giving the gift card was given a gift too? Make it worth the whiles of each of your customers to buy gift cards by giving them gifts of their own. By incentivizing customers,you’ll be able lure shoppers away from your competitors. It’s always a good idea to give your supporters a little something extra. But now is arguably the most important time of the year to do just that!

“Your customers love getting something for nothing(doesn’t everyone?),” Lyle Daly reminds us on Intuit.com,“Consider offering a small incentive to boost your gift card sales. Rather than selling gift cards for face value, try selling them for a bit less. For example, consider selling $25 gift cards for $20 or $100 gift cards for $90.”

3. Put out a social media blast.

These days, you’re not likely to come across a list of business tips without seeing something about social media. In today’s world, it’s a must that your brand has a strong online presence. Post pictures of your gift cards on your social media accounts, alerting all of your followers that you have them for sale.

“The great thing about Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, is that you can do more than just tell your customers about gift cards,” Erply.com reminds us, “You can show them. Post a photo of one of your nice designs. Post a photo of a card next to an item, with the caption, ‘not sure which size? Get them a gift card’.”

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