3 Ways To Show That Your Store Is Cutting Edge


Cutting edge: the latest or most advanced stage of development; innovative or pioneering.

Is your store cutting edge or is it behind the times? The answer to that question will determine just how much your brand is able to attract new customers. Especially since technological advances update at rapid rates, these days, it’s practically mandatory that you find new and innovative ways to outshine the other businesses in your industry.

Here are three ways to show that your store is cutting edge:

1. It offers a virtual reality shopping experience.

It’s no secret that Canadians enjoy shopping online. But that’s no reason to not make your brick and mortar store as inviting as possible. Why not utilize your company website to provide its visitors with a shopping experience not unlike the one in your physical store? Have a professional web designer and photographer create a page that offers online users a virtual walk through each aisle. Think of Google Earth, but for your shop!

“Maybe this is not something that the majority of retail stores can afford, but VR is definitely making progress in the industry,” writes Becky Holton on RetailNext.net, “Shoppers are always looking for new, more unique ways to shop. Trying on items virtually saves them time and makes the experience more fun.”

2. It offers mobile coupons to shoppers.

Gone are the days when coupons were only paper-based. When customers enter your store, inform them about the mobile coupons you have available on your store’s app. Don’t have an app for your store yet? Get working on one and utilize it! Encourage visitors of your brick and   mortar store location to take advantage of the discounts it offers.

“Loyal customers are often unaware of all promos and sales a brand offers,” notes Holton, “If they have an app that informs them about special offers while they are in the store, they will be aware of the best deals. Target customers can use their app to scan a code on an endcap; then, the account code is shown at the checkout and they get their discounts.”

3. It has practically gone cashless.

Cash-only stores are becoming things of the past. Cashless stores, on the other hand, are things of the future! Shoppers rarely carry cash on them anymore. And although you still may wish to accept paper money, highlighting the fact that your place of business is happy to accept credit cards and debit cards is a surefire way to keep customers coming back.

“Removing frictions in the shopping experience is the best way to enhance the experience of being in your store,” explains SmallBizDaily.com, “According to the British Retail Consortium, contactless payments are surging across Britain. Soon, all of your customers will expect to pay with a click, wave, or tap of their smartphones. Going cashless is your best bet to stay ahead of the competition and meet the inevitable demand.”

At Canadian POS, we are absolutely convinced that there no better way to go cashless than to use the Poynt Smart Terminal. This revolutionary wireless terminal is practically the definition of “cutting edge”! To begin taking advantage of this great innovation, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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