3 Ways To Stand Out From The Rest Of The Crowd


There are things that make your business unique, things that separate it from other businesses. The key to capitalizing on that, we suppose, is highlighting the things that make you stand out from the rest of the crowd – also known as your competitors. So what can you do to truly set your brand apart? Here are three ideas:

1. Create offers that customers can’t refuse.

It’s likely that your store sells the same products as your competitors. But are they offered as part of unique packages that include exclusive perks? Maybe bundling some of your products together and offering them at discounted rates will do the trick luring customers your way. Perhaps implementing a rewards program that offers points for each purchase will entice more sales. Whatever you decide, make sure that it’s something your competitors aren’t doing.

This marketing method is championed by Debra Murphy on Masterful-Marketing.com. “Be creative with your service packages and add so much value that it’s hard to say no,” she writes, “If you offer training, give people access to a free module or a money back guarantee. If you have a membership site, offer a free trial for a month to try it out.”

2. Offer more than just products and services.

Okay, so what more can you offer than your products and services? How about friendly advice? You’d be surprised just how impressive you can make your store by making it known as a place where people can go to get a (free) helping hand. Don’t think that people will forget your kindness. Showing your expertise by offering sound advice (even if it includes recommending other stores) is something that people value. It will truly shine a favourable light on your brand.

“Be selfless and offer expert knowledge and suggestions,” advises Suzanne Lucas on Inc.com, “Building rapport early is key to not only facilitating communication, but building a credible reputation. Give the contact you\’re calling on suggestions on better options based on market intel, even if that means not taking their business because your company truly isn\’t the best resource for them.”

3. Bring the cashier to your customers.

What do customers have to do in every store they visit once they’re ready to pay for their purchases? They walk to the cash register area, stand in line and wait their turn to pay. What if you could take two-thirds of that process out of the shopping experience? Imagine having employees walk up to your customers and saying “Whenever you’re ready to check out, let me know, and I’ll bring the machine right to you!”

These days, most Canadian consumers pay for their purchases with debit cards and credit cards. In restaurants, waiters now bring terminals directly to the tables. Why can’t you do the same thing in your store? As you can imagine, it will be quite a difference maker in the way your store is viewed. With wireless POS terminals, you can certainly be among the first Canadian businesses to make that difference!

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