3 Ways To Use Modern Technology To Enhance Your Restaurant


If you’re a Canadian restaurant owner, you’re likely reaping the benefits of the warmer temperatures right now. It’s “patio season”, as they say. And as all Canadian restaurateurs know, warmth and sunshine bring out the customers. Of course, it’s important to not simply depend on the current spring and the forthcoming summer seasons to boost business at your restaurant. You need to take measures to make dining experiences more enjoyable for your customers.

It’s 2018. So if you’re not yet using the latest advancements in technology to enhance your restaurant, you’re certainly missing out on growing your profits. Try these three steps:

1. Introduce an online reservation system.

Most highly popular restaurants allow their patrons to make reservations. The age-old way of booking a reservation, however, is over the phone. Surely, this is still a very viable option. However, in the age of smartphones and frequent internet surfing, it would be wise to allow your customers to make reservations for seating at your restaurant through your company website.

As Theresa Navarra explains on Upserve.com, the options for taking reservations are growing for restaurants. “Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that all anyone can talk about lately is reservations and online ordering,” she writes, “Before you open your doors, have a plan in place. Will you take reservations? If you do, how will you take them?”

2. Enable your customers to place their orders online.

Not all restaurants are of the make-a-reservation-to-come-in-and-sit-down variety. Are take-out orders and deliveries more your speed? If so, the same rule still applies. The internet is where it’s at! Implement an online ordering feature on your site so that its visitors will do more than simply peruse through the items on your menu. As Kellie Wong of Revel Systems points out, all restaurant businesses can benefit from online ordering.

“Customers can tap into the menu and send an order to your kitchen without taking up one of your tables,” she notes, “Customers receive fast, easy service while your business can process more orders. Customers can place orders themselves, provide their own special requests (in the notes section) and request pick up times to ensure food is delivered hot. Not only has online ordering become an expected part of a business for customer convenience, but also provides an opportunity to increase profits.”

3. Allow your patrons to pay at the table.

If you’re a Canadian restaurant owner who is yet to allow his/her customers to pay for their meals while still seated at their tables, you are bound to dissuade your visitors from returning. Today, it has become commonplace for wait staff to bring wireless terminals to the tables to allow customers to pay with either their credit cards or debit cards.

At Canadian POS Corporation, we offer the Verifone VX 680 which is the perfect terminal for any environment where you need to bring the point of payment to your customers. In addition to table-service restaurants, it is also ideal for curbside pick-up and nail/beauty salons.

For more information about this fantastic Pay At Table option, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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