3 Ways Wireless Technology Can Grow Your Business


With the way wireless technology is advancing these days, you might be under the impression we won’t need electrical sockets at some point in the future. Of course, that’s not at all likely to happen considering that our wireless devices still need to be charged at some point. Nevertheless, most of our electronic devices don’t need to stay plugged into the wall anymore.

This is great news for your company. Wireless technology enables it to function well outside of the four walls that make up your place of business. Your smartphone provides the most obvious example. With it, you can make and take calls anywhere you are. As we’ve pointed out in a number of past blogs, VoIP telephony allows you to work from any remote location of your choice.

But how else does wireless technology help to grow your business? Here are three ways:

1. It makes you a more effective communicator.

Never let it be lost on you that excellent customer service is the most important thing you can provide your customers. In many cases, consumers will choose to support the brands that treat them the best – even if their products and services aren’t necessarily superior to those of their competitors. With wireless technology, you have the ability to be very accessible. In fact, there’s no reason that your customers shouldn’t be able to find you when they need you.

According to Rob Waugh of the U.K.’s The Telegraph, “messaging services such as Slack can keep a workforce in touch with each other even if workers are mobile. But such services can also offer a valuable way to stay in touch with customers – and ensure the business communicates effectively.”

2. It helps you to get to know your customers better.

Do you offer free Wi-Fi to the customers that visit your place of business? If not, you’re missing out on a number of opportunities. Firstly, offering free Wi-Fi, so that customers can surf the internet on their mobile devices, is a huge people-pleasing strategy. Secondly, by offering Wi-Fi, you can collect important information about the customers who visit your store. As Murray Goldstein of Cox BLUE explains, a company’s Wi-Fi prompt to accept their terms of service can be used to collect information.

“To gain additional advantages at your own establishment, you can work with your service provider to set up a Wi-Fi access point gathering information about Wi-Fi users in the area (this can occur whether or not they are connected to your Wi-Fi),” he writes, “From this type of setup, you can acquire behavioural data and analytics that can be used to create better customer experiences.”

3. It can “wow” your customers.

If you’re looking to stand out and separate your brand from its competitors, using the right wireless technology can serve to impress those who visit your place of business. With the Poynt Smart Terminal, you will have the ability to accept credit card and debit card payments in a revolutionary way.

The completely wireless payment solution accepts all of today’s and tomorrow’s payment types and can easily email receipts, refund transactions and settle with the tap of a button. Not to mention, with the free smartphone app, you can do all this from anywhere. It’s like a remote control for your business!

For more information about the Poynt Smart Terminal, please don’t hesitate to call Canadian POS at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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