4 Benefits To Going With Wireless Terminals

\"AfricanWe live in a wireless world. Just take a look around and see for yourself! Nearly everyone has a cell phone of some kind. We’re no longer plugging in our video game joysticks – wait…what’s a joystick, you say? Exactly. Game systems now use all types of wireless devices to let players interact with their games in ways that were once considered unimaginable. So why are you still using wires?

In 2014, you have the unique ability to accept credit and debit cards as methods of payment from your customers in a wireless way. Canadian POS Corporation provides wireless terminals that allow merchants to enjoy many new benefits. Credit card processing has never been more convenient and easy. And that goes for both you and your customers. Let’s outline a few ways that make this so.

Super Easy To Get Started. As soon as you receive your wireless POS terminal, you’re practically ready to use it. It’s as simple as establishing an internet connection, not unlike using Wi-Fi on your smart phone. As soon as you’ve swiped a customer’s card – and actually, they will likely be doing so themselves so that they can enter their PIN codes – you have processed a transaction. It really is that easy.

Quicker Transactions. Traditional credit card terminals are known for using dial-up internet connections. This is pretty much an ancient practice by today’s standards. With Wi-Fi connections, you can process your credit and debit card transactions so much quicker. Older terminals seem lazy by comparison. Make your life and the lives of your customers easier by processing their transactions much faster than before.

Unit Portability. Standard terminals require your customers to come to a specific location in your store or restaurant. Wireless terminals, of course, can be brought directly to them. This is especially important in restaurants where customers used to have to give their credit cards away to their servers when it was time to pay. Now, servers can bring the terminals to the tables for quick and easy transactions.

Financial Savings. It is widely known that credit card companies like Visa and MasterCard charge processing fees based on how credit card information is obtained. For example, if a credit card number was manually typed, this is considered “higher risk” than if the card was swiped. This can also determine the processing fee charged. “Card-present” transactions require lesser fees. Your wireless terminal ensures that.

There’s no question that it is beneficial to accept credit and debit cards as methods of payment at your place of business. But to accept them using wireless POS terminals will make your life all the more easier. As mentioned, it’s a wireless world. It’s important that you not only live in it, but that you place your business in a position to lead within in it! And getting your wireless terminal, by the way, is easy.

Simply call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884. We can have you set up with a new terminal is as little as three days. It just so happens that we provide top-quality POS machines at the most affordable rates in our industry. And now that wireless terminals are all the rage, it’s important to receive one that is both top-notch and reasonably priced. Let’s get you connected – without wires – today!

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