4 Easy Ways To Impress Your Customers

\"HappyBusiness owners all over Canada are united by the fact that they all share undying needs to impress their customers. Customers, of course, are necessary for the success of any business, no matter the industry. And although business practices vary from industry to industry, the act of impressing customers is always one that a business owner needs to master. What can you do to ensure that your customers are impressed by your brand?

Here are four easy ways to impress your customers:

1. Get a live representative on the phone. Modern technology has afforded us the ability to set up voice prompts that callers can navigate through when calling your business. And while this may help them to get to the department that will best assist them, these voice prompts can also become annoying. It’s important to have a system in place that will get your callers to the appropriate representatives quickly.

“It should come as no surprise that customers do not appreciate having to navigate through a maze of automated prompts when they call a support centre,” states VirtualHold.com, “They are calling for support and hope you’ll help resolve their issue quickly.” Customers love speaking to real people. The quicker they are able to speak to a live representative of your business, the more easily they will be impressed by your customer service.

2. Keep it clean! You’re not always going to be doing your business over the phone, of course. Naturally, retailers have a high priority to maintain a welcoming environment for their customers who pay direct visits. When shoppers choose to visit your place of business, they should feel like they are in a place that makes them comfortable. Obviously, untidy and dirty stores don’t make for great impressions. Learn to become a neat freak when it comes to your business!

“Maintain a clean workplace in every area a visitor can see – especially the entrance,” insists Mitchell York on About.com, “Have someone other than yourself look at your work entrance and critique it from the point of view of a valued customer who visits. Is the paint chipped? Carpet worn? Are two-year-old tattered magazines strewn around the visitor lobby? Make it part of someone\’s job to assure that the optics of your workplace shine.”

3. Pay attention. No one likes having to repeat themselves. So why should your customers have to say things twice? Attentive listening is an excellent example of how to provide excellent customer service. Your clients will be impressed by the fact that you’ve paid attention to their needs. As well, you want to make each of their shopping experiences as painless as possible. Don’t ask them for any more effort than is necessary.

“A customer should only be asked for their information once,” states VirtualHold.com, “Asking customers to repeat their information multiple times can create a frustrating experience. You wouldn’t ask someone In a face-to-face interaction for the same information multiple times. Why, then, would it acceptable when it comes to customer service calls? Take the time to consider what questions are asked and how many times during a customer service call.”

4. Give them options. VirtualHold.com goes on to note that customers like having communication options. Not everyone likes to ask questions over the phone. Some prefer email or even social media as their chief means of communication. Customers enjoy having payment options as well. They like to be given the opportunity to choose between paying with their credit cards or debit cards, and not just being relegated to using cash.

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