4 Ideas For Generating More Business This Holiday Season

\"OnlineThe holiday season is practically here! At least, the holiday shopping season has arrived. Once November hits, the malls seem to turn into red-and-green fun zones practically overnight. Has your business been redecorated? In our last blog, we pointed out the importance of sprucing things up around your place of business in order to attract more holiday shoppers. We also noted that it’s important to update your website with holiday imagery as well.

But else can you do to generate more business this holiday season? Here are four ideas:

1. Hold a team meeting. In order for your company to truly be able to service the needs of holiday shoppers, you’ll need to ensure that your entire team is on board. If you haven’t held one yet, it’s time to get a staff meeting going. Fill your team in on your plans, but also request feedback so that you can implement the best possible ideas going forward. Don’t be surprised if an excellent marketing idea comes from one of the members of your staff.

As far as Chantal Towles of Kabbage.com is concerned, meeting with your staff should be a top priority. “It is important to include their input in this process,” she believes, “So ask them what they noticed last year during the holiday season. What was their experience? What was it that they think worked successfully? What failed miserably? And make sure to discuss holiday schedules if necessary.”

2. Introduce new products. The holiday season is a special time. And, because of that, people are looking to buy special gifts. Many shoppers won’t be looking for the same old, same old. They’ll be interested in sought-after items that they wouldn’t normally be able to find throughout the rest of the year. Many companies introduce “special” products for the holidays. Perhaps, there’s a way you can bundle some of your products to sell them as a “new package”.

“Your small business can create attractive gift baskets using your existing merchandise, in order to encourage people to buy them as gifts for friends and family,” recommends Intuit.com, “If packaged attractively, these groupings of items can be sold for a higher price than the sum of the individual products. You may also consider whether there are any particular seasonal items you could stock that may appeal to holiday shoppers.”

3. Offer discounts. It should go without saying that everyone will be looking for bargains in the coming weeks. Why not entice people to shop at your store by offering competitive prices? If it’s one thing that holiday shoppers love, it’s the feeling that they are saving money. After all, they’ll be spending more of it over the next two months than at any other time of the year. Towles agrees that you should introduce a new promotion or sale.

“ It’s a great time to entice your existing customer base with discounted products and services,” she writes, “So of course it is a good marketing tool! Use this to your advantage by sending targeted incentives (such as coupons and exclusive deals) to a preferred customer list. While promoting the business, it may be a good idea to inform your clients of any pre-holiday promotions. However, it is suggested not to go overboard. Remember: You want to make a profit, too!”

4. Turn your website into an online store. If you haven’t yet taken advantage of Canada’s fascination with online shopping, you’re certainly missing out. Although it is likely that your store will see more foot traffic in the coming weeks, it’s just as likely that your website will see a spike in visitors too. That is, of course, if you allow those visitors to make purchases directly from your website.

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