4 More Ways Listening Makes Happy Customers

\"YouthfulThis week has been a special one for the Canadian POS Corporation Blog. We have taken an extensive look at an article by Bianca Male on BusinessInsider.com. The article lists ways in which business owners can become great listeners. Being a good listener is an incredibly important trait to have if you want to build your customer base. In today’s blog, we’ll conclude our look at Male’s list of tips.

Customer service. Excellent customer service is integral to every business. Often, it’s the service over the product that keeps a customer coming back. This is why, at Canadian POS Corporation, we strive to provide incomparable customer service. We know that our client base appreciates the way they are treated, and often this is the reason they pinpoint at the top of the list as to why they do business with us.

We were able to achieve this great customer service regimen by – you guessed it – listening to our customers. “Through active listening, (the best companies) strive to understand in detail what customers value and what they can do to deliver it better,” writes Male, “Over time, companies use this data to make process and policy refinements that add up to a better experience for all customers.” So how can you do the same?

Social media. Social media appears on nearly every list of business tips and suggestions that one can find on the internet. Why? Because social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are so universally popular, that it’s senseless to not utilize them on a daily basis. In addition to the fact that they are free to use, they serve as excellent sources of learning what your customers are all about.

On social media, people are only too eager to share their thoughts and opinions. Follow your customers and encourage them to do the same to your profiles. Engage in conversations by commenting on posts and be sure to ask questions in the comments you post yourself. It can be argued that using social media may be today’s best way to listen to your customer base in order to learn more about it.

Communities. “You can create ‘open communities’ within your business to gain direct access to your customers\’ opinions and thoughts,” insists Male. This can be done though emailing lists, she suggests. It doesn’t hurt to send the occasional email to simply ask how your customers are doing. This personal touch to your customer service regimen can go a long way in securing customer loyalty.

It will also encourage clients to open to you about what they like or dislike about your brand. Obviously, this is highly valuable information. You can also establish the option of having online visitors to your website register a username and profile to learn more important details about them, suggests Male. This is also a great way to allow your customers to quickly learn about your company events, discounts and specials.

Email and web forms. “If a customer loves or hates something about your business, you\’re going to want to hear about it,” writes Male. Therefore, making it easy for customers to contact you is important. Constantly requesting customer feedback is an ideal way to learn about the people who support your business. The point, as we’ve been reinforcing all week, is to listen to this feedback and make great use of it.

At Canadian POS Corporation, we are great listeners. For proof, call us at 1-877-748-2884 and let us know how we can better serve you!

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