4 Of The Best Ways To Thank Your Customers

\"WomanAll good business owners know the power of gratitude. It can be argued that there is no better way to advertise your company than to continually thank your customers for their patronage. Canadian business owners are well aware that it is far easier to put efforts into maintaining a current customer base than it is to advertise to people who have never been customers before. But what the best ways to say “thank you”?

Here are four great ideas:

1. Provide the best customer service possible. Customers want to enjoy the experiences they have with the companies they decide to give their money to. Yes, they want valuable products and services. But they also value the feelings they get when they visit your establishment. Do you leave them with good impressions of your brand? Are they encouraged to return? Providing unbeatable customer service is a great way to show them that you are grateful for their support.

According to Oleg Posternatsky of Japkin.com, “59% of customers are willing to part ways from the current companies they’re doing business with for a better customer service experience. If you really appreciate your customers, you will do everything in your power to deliver a positive customer service experience every time. It’s the least that you can do and at the same time, it’s the one token of appreciation that says ‘Thank You’ the strongest, loudest and sincerest.”

2. Throw random discounts their way. It’s hard to disappoint someone by saving him or her money. Who doesn’t love a discount? In many cases, customers will consider the chance to save money the best possible show of gratitude a business can provide them. Posternatsky suggests that you provide customers with random discounts for no apparent reason. However, it would be wise to inform your customers that the savings are a show of your appreciation.

He notes, however, that you don’t want to go too overboard with how much you take off the bill. Even a modest discount will impress. “Discount their bill, just because,” says Posternatsky, “If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, don’t worry about going too grand to the point that it will make a significant dent on your profits. A simple 5% or 10% discount is something that will already go a long way in the thank you chart.”

3. Make them laugh! Who doesn’t enjoy a good chuckle? Show some personality and, more importantly, develop friendly relationships with those who support your brand. “Businesses are often seen as cold organizations that are devoid of any personality,” says Posternatsky, “Being humorous at times is a creative way to convey your gratitude and to give your business a warmer and more likeable personality which is also essential for conversion.”

4. Give out gift cards. Gift cards work wonders for businesses of all kinds. They encourage customers to recommend their friends and family to the stores that sell them. They also allow business owners to offer their gratitude to the customers who most frequently visit their store locations. “If you have the resources to do it, go ahead and send gift cards together with your personalized notes to your most loyal customers,” suggests Posternatsky.

Lucky for you, Canadian POS Corporation provides you with the resources you need! Ordering gift cards for your store is as easy as calling us up at 1-877-748-2884 or emailing us at info@localhost. By thanking your customers with gift cards, they are bound to thank you back. They are well known for encouraging repeat business, attracting new customers and boosting sales all year long!

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