4 Plans For Gift Cards To Gain You Fans

\"Depositphotos_14679437_xs\"It’s “Gift Card Usage Season”! So the Canadian POS Corporation Blog has pretty much decided to make it “Gift Card Week”. All week long, we’ve been discussing the benefits of selling gift cards and just how important it is to take advantage of the fact that you’ll be welcoming many new customers into your stores because of gift cards this month. We’ve also been discussing how important it is to continue selling your gift cards.

We mentioned that gift cards make the shopping experience very easy for customers. Whenever they’re not sure what to buy their loved ones, gift cards come in very handy. When you think about it, they really do make the perfect gifts. They pretty much guarantee their recipients that they will be getting exactly what they want. Truthfully, is there a downside to gift cards?

Although it may seem as if selling gift cards is a no-brainer since they practically sell themselves, we’ve been blogging all week about ways to encourage your customers to buy them from you. There are other ways that gift cards can work in your favour that doesn’t involve selling them. Yes, giving gift cards away and sometimes discounting them can go a long way.

Customer Rewards. Gift cards make fantastic customer rewards. It’s pretty hard to find a person who doesn’t like getting things for free. Imagine the benefits you’ll receive when you reward some of your more frequent or bigger spending customers with promotional gift cards. This way of saying “thank you” is a surefire way to get the good word spread about your brand.

Special Promotions. Deals, discounts and sales events are always great ways to attract more customers into your store. Your gift cards can work in tandem with these events to continue to boost your business. Perhaps you can offer gift cards at a discount if customers are willing to buy more than one. For example, offer a $50 gift card for $40 to those who wish to buy two or more.

Conflict Resolution. No matter how well you run your business, you’re always bound to meet up with an unhappy customer. Naturally, your first mission is to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The next step would be to offer a free gift card to the disgruntled customer in an effort to revive the bruised relationship. This will encourage that person to give your business another shot.

In-store Credits. When customers return items to your store, it may be a good idea to put their credit on a gift card so that they are encouraged to spend it with you again. This also helps to limit the chances of customers making fraudulent returns. Providing credits on gift cards is a great way to foster repeat business and ensure that the money spent in your store stays with you.

Yes, the holiday season is behind us. But there are many different things that people celebrate all throughout the year that involves gift-giving. Make sure that your gift cards are available so that your business is always able to get in on the action. If you haven’t yet begun to sell gift cards, be sure to contact Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884.

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