4 Reasons People Use Credit Cards For Holiday Shopping

\"ChristmasNeedless to say, we’re right in the middle of the busiest shopping season of the year. Shoppers are out in full force looking for gifts for their loved ones in order to celebrate the upcoming holiday season. It’s a perfect time of year to be accepting credit cards – not that there’s a bad time of year to accept credit cards. So, if you’re a business owner who has yet to accept this method of payment, you’re certainly losing out on a lot of that holiday magic!

On Credit.com, Jason Steele comments upon how important it is for consumers to use their credit cards during the holiday season. While some claim that credit cards only serve as easy routes to a life in debt, Steele notes that people can actually earn money by using them. “If you use credit cards responsibly, they can be a great tool for protecting your holiday purchases, and even making some money off of them,” he writes.

Of course, consumers are expected to pay their balances off in full every month in order to stay out of debt. But how can they earn money simply using them? Steele points out that credit card usage provide shoppers with many advantages. In today’s blog, we’ll explore some of the top benefits that customers get from using their credit cards. Here are four reasons that shoppers enjoy using credit cards for holiday shopping.

1. Credit cards can earn rewards. Often heralded as one of the top reasons that shoppers use credit cards, the accumulation of rewards points with every purchase is a major benefit. There is no better time of year than now to accrue these points, considering that spending is at an all-time high. “Those who avoid interest by paying their balances in full should always expect some rewards for their spending,” informs Steele.

2. Credit cards offer better protection against fraud than debit cards. With all of those additional purchases this month and with all of those gifts being given, it’s nice to know that they can be protected. Credit cards do that for shoppers. “An unauthorized charge to a credit card merely appears on the cardholder’s statement, and can be contested before any money is actually missing from the consumer,” explains Steele.

3. Credit cards help protect online shoppers. As we’ve been blogging about recently, online shopping continues to grow as an incredibly popular trend in Canada. Credit cards are the payment option of choice for online shoppers. And this is thanks to the fact that they protect online purchases. “If an online retailer fails to deliver the goods, or goes out of business before doing so, credit card users can request a chargeback from the their card issuer,” reports Steele.

4. Many credit cards offer shoppers purchase protection policies. With credit cards, shoppers are protected from loss, theft and damage as well. Steele notes that some credit card issuers have protection policies that cover theft, damage or loss for up to 120 days after the purchase, for up to $500 per claim. That’s quite a difference from the lack of coverage offered by cash purchases! Such protection gives shoppers great peace of mind.

Are you offering your customers this peace of mind? By allowing them the option to pay for their holiday purchases with their credit cards, you are not only providing them with a number of benefits, you are giving your business the opportunity to flourish in a way that it deserves. Don’t lose out on all of that extra income during the holidays. Allow your customers to pay with their credit cards today. Call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884!

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