4 Ways Credit Card Acceptance Can Scare Up Sales

\"Depositphotos_9768495_xs\"With Halloween right around the corner, this is the perfect time of year to begin promoting your business using the various decorations that celebrate the season. In addition to “spooking up” your store, you may also want to consider a few other ways to scare up some more sales. After all, each celebrated occasion of the year makes for an ideal opportunity to advertise your business in a new way.

Perhaps, running a special sale that offers discounts is the way to go. Maybe the simple handing out of Halloween candy will be a great way to encourage more customers to walk into your store. And then again, pushing the fact that you accept credit cards at your place of business may be the most ideal way to ensure the more people walk through your doors. Well, what does credit card acceptance have to do with Halloween?

Well, nothing directly, to be perfectly honest. However, our experience has shown us that when Canadian merchants begin to accept credit cards, they open their businesses up to entirely new worlds of customers. Credit card acceptance is a proven way to increase business. So while you’re promoting your brand using the Halloween spirit, your plastic-friendly ways are bound to keep customers coming back for the long haul. Here are four ways credit card acceptance can scare up sales.

1. Increased number of transactions. Canadian customers have proven that they end up spending more of their money when they are given the option to put their purchases on their credit cards. Naturally, they don’t have to worry about how much cash they are carrying on their persons when plastic is accepted. Again, our experience has shown us that when merchants accept credit cards, customers end up increasing both the number of their transactions and the amounts of each purchase.

2. Increased loyalty. As mentioned, your Halloween promotions should be able to do good jobs in scaring up more interest in your brand. But when your business becomes known as one that accepts credit cards, it will remain on many lists of “favourite places to shop”. Customers enjoy fast, easy, flexible and reliable ways to pay for their purchases. Accepting credit cards makes their lives easier. As a result, they are bound to keep coming back to you!

3. Quicker checkouts. Canadian consumers love convenience. Then again, who doesn’t? The more convenient you make things for people, the more they are going to like you. Well, credit card acceptance is widely known as something that helps for speedier checkout times. It promotes shorter lines, less waiting and no need to fumble for change. It also eliminates the worry that comes with waiting for cheques to clear.

4. Less handling of cash. When you accept plastic, you save a lot of time and money as you significantly lower the amount of cash you have to handle on a daily basis. This also makes you a lot less vulnerable to theft. Last month, we blogged about how much this benefits employees who work the cash registers. A colleague of ours informed us of his understanding of this after visiting a Mexx Kids that only accepted credit and debit cards.

“I don’t have to touch anything,” the cashier informed him, “It’s so much easier when you don’t have to count any cash. There’s no variance at the end of the day. I just let the customers punch in their PINs and money never goes through my hands at all. I feel much more secure about it.” Make life easy on both your employees and your customers. Make this Halloween the one when you scare up the most business ever!

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