4 Ways To Genuinely Please Your Customers

\"WordNo matter what type of business you own, it’s important to have a strong customer service policy. If you’re not genuinely pleasing your customers, they won’t be likely to support your company for very long. Canadian consumers have proven that they support businesses that provide them with enjoyable interactions – not just top-quality products and services. Is your customer service regimen up to snuff?

Here are four ways to genuinely please your customers:

1. Offer incomparable value. Keep in mind that “value” isn’t just about price alone. It’s about what your customers receive for the prices they are paying. Determining true worth comes from customers perceiving their purchases as those that are well worth the amount of money they spent. Do you offer free shipping? Do you provide money back guarantees? There are a variety of ways to make what you offer more “worth it” to customers.

2. Be truthful. When you lose the trust of your customer base, you almost immediately lose their support. With so much competition out there, it’s hard to keep a customer who you’ve let down. Stick to your deadlines, present your products as they were advertised and don’t slide in hidden charges after prices for products and services have been declared. If you can stick to your word, it will certainly help in keeping your customer base loyal.

“Your word is your bond,” says Brian Honigman on Kissmetrics.com, “Following up on your promises helps show the transparency of your business, while helping to build a feeling of trust and dependability with your audience. Manage the expectations of your customers to ensure realistic goals are set and can be met. By remaining consistent in your messaging, your customers will learn what they should expect from you in the future.”

3. Interact with your customers. It’s wise to take genuine interests in the people who come into your store. Get to know them by their first names. Ask simple questions that help you to learn about where they’re from and what some of their interests may be. These friendly conversations will often generate more sales and you’ll be able to better understand which of your products and services can best suit their needs.

“Happy customers who get their issue resolved tell 4 to 6 people about their experience,” reports Honigman, “So that’s a way to significantly influence the word of mouth about your business. Don’t act as a nameless or faceless business; genuinely talk with your customers as a person representing the business. Address your customers by name, and tell them your name at the very beginning of your interaction.”

4. Offer payment options. Give customers the freedom to choose the methods by which they wish to pay for their purchases. Telling customers that they are limited to only paying with cash is sure to drive them away from your company. Today, consumers enjoy being able to decide if they wish to withdraw money from their bank accounts by using their debit cards or getting extra time to use their own money by using their credit cards.

At Canadian POS Corporation, we give Canadian business owners the opportunity to not lose out on pleasing their customers by giving them payment options. For more information about our Countertop and Wireless POS terminals that accept all credit cards, debit cards and gift cards as methods of payment, call Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884 or email us at info@localhost.

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