4 Ways To Make 2016 Your Best Year Yet

\"2016Happy New Year everyone! Now that 2016 is here, it’s time to get those New Year’s Resolutions rolling. Business owners all across Canada are doing their parts to implement their new ideas in efforts to make this year their best year yet. As always, Canadian POS Corporation is here to help! In our first blog of 2016, we’d like to impart a few ideas that may help you to achieve your goals for the new year.

Here are four:

1. Don’t lose focus. It’s easy to make plans. It’s even easier to forget about them. And sometimes, it’s the smallest things that make the biggest differences. For example, many work-from-home entrepreneurs tell themselves that they’re going to wake up an hour earlier each morning once the new year hits. Then, when the alarms go off, they hit the snooze buttons. This isn’t just a metaphor. It’s important not to sleep on your goals.

Instead, remain focused and do the best you can to stick to each and every one of the finer points of your plan. On JimsMarketingBlog.com, Jim Connolly advises that you “do at least one thing each day, which your future self will thank you for.” That way, you’ll progress at much quicker rates than you did in the past. He also reminds you that it’s okay to fail. Doing so shows that you are trying new things. That alone represents growth.

2. Create an expansion plan. Every successful business owner has created a plan to achieve that success. Hopefully, you’ve already come up with some sound strategies for taking your business to the next level in 2016. If not, there’s certainly no time to waste. On Entrepreneur.com, Sherrie Campbell explains that your plan should work to eliminate any doubts that you may have had about growing your business in the past.

“Whenever you start something new, you never really know how you are going to accomplish what you want to accomplish,” she writes, “This is when confusion and doubt step in. Creating an expansion plan helps to ward off these two emotional predators. When you are clear in what you want, the world responds back to you with clarity and opportunity. Directions fall into place when you make your plan clear.”

3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Sure, it’s great to take all of the great advice that is regularly provided by the Canadian POS Corporation Blog. But sometimes, you’re going to need some extra professional assistance. Are there aspects of your company that could use some significant improvements? Perhaps, it’s time to call in an expert for some additional help. Connolly recommends this as well.

“Get expert help in any area of your business, where you are under performing,” he advises, “Things don’t just change for the better because you hope they will. Hope is essential, but it’s not a business strategy. This will help you get it right.” Connolly goes on to recommend that you should believe that anything is possible. “No matter how bad things may be right now, with courage, hard work and passion, you can achieve almost anything,” he insists.

4. Accept plastic! If you’re not yet accepting credit cards and debit cards at your place of business, you’re definitely not doing it any favours. Canadians have proven that they prefer to pay with plastic. And accepting their cards is a lot easier than you may think. Contact Canadian POS Corporation to learn more about how we can set you up with a brand new Countertop or Wireless terminal today!

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