5 Keys To Increasing Sales In Your Store


So you’d like to boost sales in your store, would you? Welcome to a club that includes pretty much every business owner in the country. Of course, you’d like to boost sales. But what makes you different from all of those other business owners? What makes you stand out from your competition? If you’d like to attract customers to your store and away from your competitors, you’ll need to focus on a few important keys to increasing sales.

Here are five:

1. Training your staff to upsell.

Firstly, ensure that each member of your staff has an excellent handle on providing warm and friendly customer service. It’s also important that they all demonstrate strong knowledge of your products and services. However, you’ll also want to encourage them to upsell. “Just placing more products near your usual products isn’t going to do much,” insists Susan Ward on TheBalance.com, “How to increase sales? Persuade the customer of the benefit.”

2. Placing offers in your advertising.

No matter which marketing strategy you choose, online or offline, be sure to include a specific offer. Your mission should be to get people to walk through the front doors of your store with intentions of making purchases. This strategy is highly advocated by Bob Leduc on BusinessKnowHow.com. “Always include a powerful offer in your advertising,” he advises, “Make the most compelling discount or bonus offer you can afford — to convert…inquiring prospects into paying customers.”

3. Rewarding your customers for their loyalty.

One of the best ways to boost sales is to get your customers to keep coming back. Focusing your attention on those who already support you is more lucrative than trying to attract strangers to your brand. Set up a customer rewards program to incentivize your customers to remain loyal. “It can be as simple as a discount on a customer’s birthday or as complex as a points system that earns various rewards such as discounts on merchandise,” suggests Ward.

4. Becoming plastic-friendly.

Make it clear that you accept debit cards and credit cards. In today’s world, customers expect to be able to pay for their purchases with plastic. As TJ McCue informs on Forbes.com, research has found that “66 percent of all point-of-sales (POS) transactions are done with plastic – credit, debit, or gift cards. That is a lot of sales for millions of businesses to miss out on. Only 27 percent of purchases are made with cash.”

5. Selling gift cards.

This will add a highly popular item to your list of products. And they will sell! According to Weebly.com, studies show that gift cards help companies to expand their customer bases. They also help them to earn more per transaction. “Gift card purchases come with a significant uplift, with 72 percent of customers spending more than the value of the gift card,” reads the website.

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