5 More Reasons Plastic Acceptance Is The Way To Go

\"CreditAccepting credit cards makes life easy. Firstly, it makes life easy for your customers. They don’t have to worry about how much cash they have to bring out with them. And they certainly don’t have to worry about counting through cash and change to pay for their purchases. Secondly, it makes life easy for you. You get paid a lot quicker than you would if you had to await cheques from your clients. And you don’t have to worry about mishandling cash at the end of the day.

In the year 2014 – which will be 2015 before you know it! – there’s practically no good reason to be a cash-only business. As we’ve mentioned in numerous blogs before, Canada is especially plastic-friendly. Shoppers enjoy the convenience that comes with pulling out those small, rectangular pieces of plastic in order to make their purchases. No matter how big or small the purchases are, credit and debit cards make payments easy.

On Promatcher.com, Jim Gallagher lists a number of reasons to accept credit cards. In our last blog, we revealed that encouraging impulse spending, gaining new customers, boosting your average sales amounts and gaining credibility for your brand are among them. In today’s blog, we’ll round out his list and continue to provide our insight into each of his points. Here are his next five.

1. No worries. “You stop worrying about bad checks and non-payments,” writes Gallagher, “As an added bonus, if you do telephone credit card processing you can accept payments when you are away from home, at trade shows, or any time you don\’t have a brick and mortar location. No worries about losing the cash or checks you collected from clients. Great for deposits on upcoming parties!” We actually can’t put it any better than that!

2. Better customer service. Customers love the relative ease that comes with credit card transactions. They generally speed things up at the cashier as they don’t involve the transferring of any cash from one hand to another. “You improve your customer service by allowing clients and customers the speed, flexibility, and convenience of using their credit cards,” says Gallagher, “They may not have the cash at that time and can pay it later on their bill!”

3. More flexibility. Customers also love the fact that credit cards allow them to take a little extra time to pay for their purchases. Credit card companies provide windows within which bills must be paid. They also allow cardholders to pay their bills over time. This flexibility makes things more affordable. Thanks to your acceptance of their cards, “you give clients flexible or automatic monthly payment options,” Gallagher notes.

4. Leveled competition. You never want your competitors to outdo you. Consider that they may be accepting credit and debit cards, allowing their customers to make those easy payment transactions we mentioned. As Gallagher points out, this gives you so many more options, such as accepting payments via the phone. As you know, plastic acceptance also allows you to sell your products and accept payments online.

5. Convenience. We’ve certainly pointed out, a number of times, how convenience is such a big deal within the world of shopping. Shoppers like things made easy. But accepting plastic also makes things easy for you. “You can accept a credit card payment from anyone, at any time of the day or night!” Gallagher points out. Begin accepting plastic today by calling Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884.

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