5 More Reasons To Turn Your Website Into An Online Store

\"OnlineIn our last blog, we revisited the topic of online shopping and pointed out a few good reasons that you may want to begin offering your customers the ability to buy from your website. Among them were the convenience you provide customers and the fact that you can grow your customer base to include international shoppers. Is there a reason not to get in on the online shopping craze? We can’t think of any.

Here are five more reasons to turn your website into an online store:

1. It provides customers with more variety. “Ever go shopping and find out the store only carries a certain brand or range of sizes and colours?” asks Canada Post, “Shopping online means you’re buying from a wholesale location – you don’t have to call across town and ask another store if they have it in stock! Plus, if your favourite online store doesn’t have your product, a quick search will find another that does.”

2. It provides easy access to information. The internet is used as a source of locating information on a daily basis. Your online store should provide customers with the info they’re looking for. “Find out what your sweater is made of, whether your size is in stock, what colours are available, and if other customers gave it good reviews,” says Canada Post, “Online shops offer product information at-a-glance!”

3. It eases a lot of stress. As mentioned, not everyone is a fan of shopping. You can be sure to attract a lot of “non-shoppers” by turning your company website into an online store. “You don’t need to book a babysitter, change your clothes, walk around a crowded mall, fight for parking, stand in long line-ups at the cash or bring along tired and hungry little ones,” Canada Post points out, “Best of all, online shopping is hassle free! Save the stress, shop online, and find what you want.”

4. It saves customers money. Think about it. When your customers aren’t forced to do any travelling in order to make their purchases from you, they make out like bandits! So to speak. “When you shop online, you save more money than you realize!” exclaims Canada Post, “From gas, to public transit fares, parking meters, to quick snacks while you wait… you save your money. Furthermore, you don’t have to deal with impulse purchases that grab your attention at the checkout stand.”

5. It provides customers with easy access to comparing products. In our last blog, we highlighted the fact that Canadian shoppers love browsing online. It’s so easy to find a variety of products with a few key strokes that it makes the entire shopping experience a much easier one than usual. Canada Post points out that, for the most part, comparing prices in person is an activity that not many enjoy.

“In person, comparing prices between stores and products is time consuming, tiring, and hard to get the right information,” says their website, “Searching for the same product online through different vendors will give you price comparisons within seconds.” Especially if you’re confident that your prices are competitive, allowing shoppers to buy directly from your website can significantly increase your sales.

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