5 More Super Customer Service Tips

\"businessAs a business owner, providing excellent customer service should be a top priority. And according to Liz Tahir on About.com, it all starts with you. In yesterday’s blog, we commented upon some tips she provides that may help to greatly boost your customer service reputation. Interestingly, she notes that the way you treat your employees will significantly impact how they, in turn, treat your customers.

It’s important to remember that customers are people. They have feelings. And, as such, your job is to continually make them feel good. It sounds simple, doesn’t it? But the number of complaints that consumers freely make through social media these days make clear that not all businesses are knocking it out of the park when it comes to giving their customers amazing experiences.

The key, as you may be able to tell, is to provide a great experience – not just a great product or service. At Canadian POS Corporation, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality POS terminals and payment providing services. However, we also insist upon giving our customers the best possible customer service in our industry. In today’s blog, we round out Tahir’s list on how to do just that.

Are your customers greeted when they walk in the door or at least within 30-40 seconds upon entering? We recently had a client inform us that if she isn’t greeted within the first minute of entering a store, she leaves it. She doesn’t care how badly she wants to buy what they’re selling. “It’s disrespectful,” she insists, “I’ve been treated like I’m invisible. I would never do that to my customers.”

Give customers the benefit of the doubt. They say that the customer is always right. But we all know that that can’t always be the case. That said, sometimes it simply isn’t worth it to argue. “Proving to him why he’s wrong and you’re right isn’t worth losing a customer over,” writes Tahir, “You will never win an argument with a customer, and you should never, ever put a customer in that position.”

If a customer makes a request for something special, do everything you can to say yes. It’s not always possible to meet each and every request that a customer has. But efforts should be made to prove to the customer that you’ll do whatever it takes to satisfy those requests. As Tahir advises, “it may be an exception from your customer service policy, but (if it isn’t illegal) try to do it.”

Are your customer service associates properly trained in how to handle a customer complaint or an irate person? This is very important because no matter how hard you try to provide top-notch service, someone is bound to complain. It’s crucial that your staff members know how to handle such situations. Making an irate customer a happy and satisfied one can really make your business stand out.

Want to know what your customers think of your company? Ask them! There’s nothing like asking a question when you want to know something, is there? Keep it simple. Ask your customers what they think of your business. It may just be the easiest way to figure out new customer service techniques that will take your brand to an entirely new level of customer-pleasing!

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