5 Reasons Shoppers Use Credit Cards For Holiday Shopping

\"ChristmasWhen it’s time to go holiday shopping, most people already intend to expand their budgets. That means that your store is not only bound to enjoy more visitors, but it’s bound to experience transactions of a much larger nature than normal. Obviously, this is great for business. But it’s even greater if your business accepts credit cards. Most people don’t like carrying around huge amounts of cash on them these days. Who would?

So when you offer your customers the option of using their credit cards to pay for their holiday purchases, you stand the chance of making a lot more money! It’s just that simple. Credit cards make shopping much more convenient. Especially with all of the hustle and bustle of crowded malls, people will enjoy fast and easy transactions that allow for their shopping experiences to be hurried up.

But being able to purchase big ticket items and quicker checkouts aren’t the only reason people love using credit cards for holiday shopping. On Forbes.com, Bill Hardekopf writes of several other factors that contribute to the holiday shopper’s love of credit card use. As you may know, there are many benefits to using credit cards over cash. And the holiday season just increases those benefits. Here are five reasons credit cards are preferred for holiday shopping.

1. Partner programs. Hardekopf reminds us that “most credit card issuers have a partner program that offers discounts or bonuses for online purchases with certain companies. The program varies by issuer, but the partners could be stores where you already shop.” By offering your customers the option to use their credit cards, you are helping them to get more than what they pay for. They’ll be collecting points that will earn them rewards a lot quicker than normal.

2. Cash back. Not only do credit card users earn rewards during their holiday shopping excursions, but they can earn cash back as well. Yet another great perk to credit card use, the ability to get cash back is an increasingly popular reason that so many people prefer this payment option. Hardekopf notes that some credit card issuers have special October-December bonus categories that allow users to attain greater rebate offers.

3. Extended warranties and purchase protection. During the holiday shopping season, this credit card benefit is arguably the most important. With all of those gifts being purchased, people want to make sure that they will be protected in the event of loss, theft or damage. As Hardekopf reveals, “many issuers will even refund the price difference if you find a lower price on the same item from the same manufacturer within a designated time period (typically 60 days).”

4. Payment flexibility. As mentioned earlier, this is the time of year when people are bound to spend more money. They’re also likely to buy big ticket items that they generally can’t afford. Credit cards, of course, allow shoppers to extend payment, if necessary. Being given extra time to pay off balances is a benefit that many shoppers need. When you allow them to pay with their credit cards, you provide them with payment flexibility.

5. Spending bonuses. Some credit card issuers provide spending bonus opportunities. According to Hardekopf , “Discover More and Chase Freedom offer $100 spending bonuses for new applicants who reach a set spending limit–$500 within three months for Discover More and $799 within three months for Chase Freedom. Holiday shopping is the best time to quickly reach these limits and then use the bonus to pay off your balance.”

Enjoy your best holiday shopping season yet. Begin accepting credit cards today or upgrade from your current provider by calling Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884!

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