5 Reasons To Begin Accepting Mobile Payments

\"SetIn our last blog, we listed a number of benefits of using wireless terminals at trade shows. The truth is, wireless terminals come in extremely handy at just about any remote location where you need to make a sale. However, there are chances that you won’t have your wireless terminal with you at all times. After all, you’re not working 24/7 are you? But, as a business owner, the work never truly stops, does it?

When you can’t have your wireless terminal on your person, why not turn another one of your devices into a terminal? With VirtualMerchant Mobile, you can do just that! These days, nearly everyone uses a smart phone. Now, you can turn either your smart phone or perhaps your tablet into a handy payment-processing machine with ease. As your business grows, your opportunities to make sales will increase. This service allows you to take full advantage of that.

Here are five reasons to begin accepting mobile payments:

1. It will maximize your sales. How often have you been involved in a conversation with someone you meet randomly and who becomes interested in what you have to sell? The only problem is that you’re forced to pass along a business card in hopes that you will be re-connected. By accepting mobile payments, you can turn a lot more of those conversations into immediate sales. No more missing out because you can’t accept plastic on-the-go.

2. It will increase customer satisfaction. Just like with your in-store customers, the average Canadian shopper prefers to pay with plastic. This includes moments when they didn’t necessarily expect that they would be making purchases. When you accept mobile payments, you make it easy on individuals who don’t carry cash on their persons – and that’s a lot of us. Your ability to make the payment process easy on customers will go a long way in the customer satisfaction game.

3. It will present your brand as very innovative. The ability to accept mobile payments is a technological advancement that is still growing in popularity. It is safe to say that it has not yet entered into the “expected from businesses” category just yet. Utilizing this technology will present you as a business owner who is ahead of the curve. Consider how impressive it will be to those who are surprised that such a technology even exists.

4. It will expand your business opportunities. With your newfound ability to accept mobile payments, you will be open to making sales that you couldn’t before. Take, for example, an instance when a customer is unable to visit your physical store location to pick up an item. If you don’t generally deliver, you may be able to make an exception in the case of a big ticket purchase. Bringing both the product and your mobile payment solution to the customer will greatly serve your bottom line.

5. It will offer your business a wide range of benefits. Firstly, it works with multiple mobile devices so that users are free to choose any wireless provider they wish. Secondly, it supports anytime-anywhere processing for mobile environments including card-present and card-not-present situations. Thirdly, it accommodates an unlimited number of mobile devices to support businesses of any size.

As well, VirtualMerchant Mobile leverages a secure, hosted environment with fast upgrades and end-to-end connectivity while avoiding the costs associated with a third-party provider. Step into the future of payment processing with this innovative and unique solution to making sales on-the-go. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact Canadian POS Corporation at 1-877-748-2884.

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