5 Reasons To Go With Canadian POS Corporation

\"home01\"There are countless reasons to accept credit cards and debit cards at your place of business. The Canadian POS Corporation Blog has been detailing many of these reasons for many weeks. So, it should go without saying that plastic acceptance is the way to go, right? But why should you go with Canadian POS Corporation as your provider? There are many providers out there.

Because there’s a difference. Our clients enjoy a very unique personal touch to their business interactions with our staff. At Canadian POS Corporation, we provide a value that goes far beyond processing your credit and debit payments. We make our clients our priority. As far as we’re concerned, you come first. In today’s blog, we’d like to inform you of five ways that we add value to your experience.

1. Customer-focused service. To reiterate, Canadian POS Corporation puts customers first. We know that you are not a number. You are a person. You are a unique individual with unique needs, concerns and questions. It’s important that the service you’re receiving is specifically benefitting those needs, concerns and questions. We make sure that you feel that you are always being treated as a top priority.

2. Approval in 24 hours. We live in a hustle-and-bustle world. It’s imperative that things happen quickly. Waiting too long for just about anything these days can be seen as an extreme annoyance. At Canadian POS Corporation, we can get you approved within 24 hours for your new POS terminal. No sitting and waiting around – you have business to attend to. Let’s get you to it!

3. Lowest rates in the industry. Many business owners, who are hesitant to begin accepting credit and debit cards, feel that the rates may be too high. Firstly, research has shown that plastic acceptance increases sales so that business owners greatly benefit from doing so. Secondly, Canadian POS Corporation offers the most affordable rates in our industry. They are definitely worth looking into!

4. Access online 24/7. Accessibility is important to you. And it should be. As mentioned, you have a lot on the go and a lot on your plate. When you need assistance, it should be provided to you expeditiously. At Canadian POS Corporation, we strive to do just that by having our website allow you to contact us with a message that we prioritize as one to respond to as soon as possible.

5. 24/7 toll free support. Speaking of accessibility, we’re available on the phone as well. For many of our clients, there’s nothing like a good old phone call to get business handled quickly and accurately. We’re only too happy to be of assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Of course, it’s free to give us a call from anywhere in Canada. Simply dial our toll free number 1-877-748-2884.

Even if you currently accept credit and debit cards, we encourage you to give us a call to compare our service standards and rates. At Canadian POS Corporation, we would be happy to upgrade your POS terminal. Our most important client is you. We’d love the opportunity to show you how our impeccable service regimen, as well as our top-notch machines, make us the payment provider of choice!

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